U15-U19 Single Season 2009-2010
Applied and Accepted Teams

To view U15 through U19 teams currently accepted for the U15-U19 Single Season 2009-2010 season, please click the following link:

U15-U19 Single Season 2009-2010 Accepted teams

If you do not see your team on the accepted list, please 1) check to be sure your team is listed in the correct age group. Some teams have incorrectly input their team’s CURRENT age when first registering to be the age they will be as of 9/1. This caused the teams to be bumped up to the next year for 2009-10 registration.

If you still do not see your team, please look at the U15-U19 Single Season 2009-2010 APPLIED list. The link is below.  Some teams have conflicting information on their registration, or the credit card number was incorrectly input so the league fees could not be appropriately charged. While we continue to contact teams when we have this problem, some might have missed the email.  Additionally, the list is updated weekly, so give a little time to see your team move to the accepted list.

U15-U19 Single Season 2009-2010 Applied teams

Thank you everyone! We look forward to your participation this fall!  We will begin working on schedules after August 1st. You will receive a follow up email verifying your team information and availability shortly after August 1st.

We are excited over our new GOT SOCCER partnership!  Remember, teams entering MAPS this fall will receive GOT SOCCER points for their league games played. So, you can build your team’s points and reputation through league play.  This is an exciting and positive benefit for our league teams.