CJYSA Declared a qualifying league for NJYS National Championship & State Cup Play for 2010-2011 seasonal year
by NJYS President, Joe Robb - Friday, June 25, 2010
CJYSA will be a qualifying league for NJYS National Championship and State Cup play.  
--- Joe Robb, President NJYS  /  By Memo dated June 25, 2010 
CJYSA is pleased to report that it has been re-confirmed by NJYS as a qualifying league for NJYS National Championship and State Cup play. Several issues in dispute have been reviewed by NJYS, and a decision reached that allows CJYSA to continue without interruption its programs and operations as in the past.
Clubs may now register their teams for 2010-2011 listing CJYSA on their rosters, with confidence that they can participate as a CJYSA member team in the State Cups conducted by NJYS, as well as in all other league and MAPS Flight programs.
CJYSA thanks NJYS President Joe Robb for a fair and prompt evaluation of the issues.
Bohdan Porytko
Interim President
Notice of CJYSA & Qualifying for NJYS State Cup

June 24, 2010

To:         CJYSA/MAPS  Coaches and Managers
There is currently a lot of information circulating about teams’ opportunities to qualify for New Jersey State Cups through CJYSA. Much of it involves attempts to take advantage of disputed issues currently being challenged by CJYSA. Let us assure you that we have taken steps to allow you to continue participating in CJYSA and its MAPS Flight Programs in the upcoming year, and to also qualify for the New Jersey State Cup, either through CJYSA or through a cooperating league.
First, we are pursuing a formal and timely appeal with the NJYSA state organization concerning CJYSA being a league qualifying teams for State Cup. It is our contention that actions were taken within the NJYSA organization substantially affecting CJYSA without ever providing us proper and timely notice of their nature, the exact items at issue or the opportunity to respond.
Second, we have also had preliminary discussions with NJYSA leadership, which we believe were constructive and leave us optimistic that CJYSA will remain a qualifying league for next year.   We are committed to NJYSA and hope we can work through these matters.
Third, to ensure that your team can play in State Cup in the event these matters are not resolved in a timely manner, we have reached an agreement with another qualifying league in New Jersey that will allow you to roster your team with them.   You would apply to our league and we would administer league programs much as you have experienced in the past. The primary difference would be that MAPS Flight teams and teams applying for State Cup complete their roster with the designated qualifier league in New Jersey. Exact details will be distributed at the appropriate time.
We think good progress is being made to resolve the issues quickly. But if not, we are also pleased to assure that, while there may be slight administrative changes, you will be able to participate in our league and the New Jersey State Cup as you have in the past.  Please be understanding and patient, and do not feel pressured to make alternative choices when rostering your team.
Yours in Soccer,
Bohdan Porytko
Interim President
Response to NJYS regarding State Cup qualifying league
Letter to our teams

June 18, 2010

We are writing today to notify you and your team regarding a recent statement made by the NJYS Executive Director that CJYSA league members will not be eligible to compete in the United States Youth Soccer (USYS) National Championship series.  This announcement was made without proper notice and apparently based on conclusions reached by the Executive Director without the opportunity for discussion or a hearing.  

We refute the validity of this statement, both on the underlying facts and on the process used to issue it, and have written to the President of NJYS to that end. We seek his assistance to ensure a fair and open process that is in compliance with State and National By-Laws and Constitution. The CJYSA / MSSL boards take this matter seriously and will keep you informed of the process along the way. 
We intend to:
·        Challenge this current statement to the fullest extent possible, and to have any directives based on the statement retracted in full. All available appeals will be pursued.
·       In the event that our appeals are unsuccessful, we are working on a program that would allow your team to continue in our programs and still qualify for State Cup; exact details will be provided when appropriate.
We are working with haste to resolve this matter, and we apologize for any surprise. We are as surprised as you are, and ask that you give us a little time to work through this matter. As matters clarify, we will provide better advice to you and your team on the options available, and the implications of continuing to participate in our programming. We request that you hold off on making any final registration decisions until you have a complete set of facts and options to base your decision on.
We are unaware of any improper actions taken by our league or administrators or, quite frankly, any basis for this statement.   We can’t really comment at this point on the merits of the pronouncement, as we have yet to be provided the basis for any allegations beyond a vague reference with no specifics. We are surprised by a process that appears to have no basis in fact, proper notification or fair review. 
Accordingly, with little or no response to our phone calls and emails,  we have recently submitted a formal written request with the President of New Jersey  to determine whether he or the Board have  endorsed the proclamation as a NJYS action. In the event that the board has adopted the staff statement: 
·       What process was used?
·       Under what authority was the action taken?
·       Are there additional matters of concern to the Board of Directors?
·       Are leagues and their member teams afforded an opportunity to have input into a fair decision-making process?
·       Confirmation of our understanding of applicable bylaws, constitutions and the entire process.
 We further note that the statement may have been presented in a manner that would imply that it was approved by the NJYS Board of Directors. As a member of the NJYS Board in good standing and most recently certified to vote on all matters at the recent AGM, we are not aware of any properly submitted motion for Board action related to CJYSA. We attended all recent NJYS Board and Annual General Meeting in May and June, and no mention was ever made of this matter.          
In our opinion, CJYSA is a member league in good standing with NJYS, USYS and USSF and teams from our league can qualify to participate in the USYS National Championship competition.
We will keep you apprised of this on-going matter. We appreciate your support and understanding and ask that you direct any questions you have to Jan Yager via email Jan@mssl.org

GO U.S.A.!