Fall 2013 & Spring 2014
 NJ Teams will need to get their NJYS player passes and roster validated by a NJYS district commissioner.  CJYSA has DC’s for you to contact for validating your roster.   The league commissioners are as follows:  
Fran Harkes (#25) - Kearny (Hudson), NJ - FRANNYZEE@aol.com - 201-997-0717
Eric Hlava (#28) - Howell (Monmouth Cty), NJ - thecoach@optonline.net - 732-513-9996
Rob Marino (#30) - Hopewell (Mercer), NJ - njdc30@gmail.com - 609-333-6907
Please remember, some district commissioners will not have their stamps until after 8/05 each year.  Be sure to call your DC before bringing them your rosters for validation.
District Commissioner note:
Eric Hlava prefers to deal with club representatives, so if you have more than one team from your club who will be using Eric, please have your club rep bring all the team paperwork to him at the same time.
Fran Harkes: Drop off packets to her by Tuesday night and they will be ready by Thursday night.  Drop packets in the MAIL SLOT -SLIDE IN (just like the mail) so she sees them when she walks in the door. DO NOT DROP OFF IN THE BOX-that is OUTGOING ONLY. When packet completed, they will be put in the BOX for pick up at team/club’s convenience. Fran does travel out of town overnight for work, so do not leave validation until the last minute! She may not be around!   Do NOT wait until a day or two before your game to drop off paperwork! Fran is NOT available for weekend validation UNLESS YOU CALL AHEAD TO SCHEDULE!  Prepare your packet as follows: paperwork in three piles (birth certificate; medical release; membership form) all in alphabetical order with the pass clipped to the front of the player membership form.  Any birth certificates in a language other than English, highlight the birthdate on the form. Be sure to include TWO (2) copies of your roster - one for DC to keep and one to return to you.  Be sure to include a contact number and email address so the DC can let you know when your passes are ready.
TEAMS LOOKING FOR THE RETURN OF PLAYER PASSES DUE TO GAME MISCONDUCT MUST CALL 732-940-5599 (JOE MATRALE @ MSSL OFFICE), joe@mssl.org  OR JAN YAGER AT jan@mssl.org - the commissioners will not have your player passes
Completed packets can be mailed, express mail or Fed Ex’d to the DC of your choice. If you choose this option, you must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope in your packet for its return (expect cost to be around 1.80). Be sure to include a phone number and email address where you can be reached in the event of a question or a problem.  You should contact the district commissioner by phone or email with questions.
Mail to:   
Fran Harkes: 30 Clinton Ave, Kearny, NJ  07032
Eric Hlava:14 Iris Ct, Howell, NJ  07731
Rob Marino: 3 Spring Hollow Drive, Hopewell NJ 08525
The following DC’s have agreed to make themselves available to our member teams for validating their player passes and rosters.  Additional district commissioners may be found on the NJYS website: www.njyouthsoccer.com for others closer to you.
  • Pete Paterson (#20); Pete is located in E. Brunswick NJ and can be contacted by email: runnerpj@aol.com or by phone: (732) 238-8265;
  • Mary Chambers (#6); Mary is located in Ocean County (Point Pleasant), NJ and can be contacted by email: MEC1003@aol.com or by phone: (732) 746-3367
  • Dan Paolini (#8) Dan is located in Eastampton, Burlington County. njdc08@gmail.com or (609) 321-1591 (email preferred - more info at www.RVSoccerClub.org/dc8)
  • Paul Pallante (# ) Paul is located in Brick, NJ and can be contacted by email: paul@ableworx.com or by phone (732) 330-3833
 Teams may also contact a district commissioner in your area to see if they are willing to validate your packet for you (for a complete list of DC’s in NJ, go to www.njyouthsoccer.com , under Administrative and click directories for district commissioners).  
  A reminder: any NJ teams having out of state players may now have their rosters validated by their local District Commissioners. No longer do those teams need to be validated by the NJYS office.