Concussion Awareness Training
Be sure you have complied with NJYS requirement in order to have your team roster validated.
NJYS is now requiring that all youth soccer coaches registered in NJYS become familiar with spotting and dealing with conscussions. Out of state team coaches are welcome to take the training class for their benefit.
All coaches must obtain a certificate to this effect by October 15. After that date, coaches will be required to produce the certificate when requested. The most immediate likelihood for the request will be at State Cup game check-ins after that date, as well as anytime a team seeks to initially roster or make changes to its roster.
The Certification procedure is fairly short, convenient and no-cost. It is done online, in the comfort of your home. Participants view a 20 minute online video, answer several review questions about what they have watched at the end of the video, then print up a certificate that is provided after the questions are properly answered. The only equipment you will need is online access on a computer attached to a printer. The script and quiz are available in Spanish and English.
Reprinted below is the statement found on the NJYS website at http://njyouthsoccer.com/Concussion.htm. If the links below do not work on your computer, you can access them from the NJYS site and clicking the link "Concussion Awareness Training;" upper right of the home page.
CJYSA supports this initiative. It is certainly timely throughout all sports (as any NFL fan can attest).  Coaches must obtain their certificate by October 15, 2011.