CJYSA/MSSL/MAPS League Contacts

CJYSA/MSSL/MAPS League Contacts
Name Title Phone Primary Email Secondary Email
Bohdan Porytko* CJYSA President - League Director 973-998-9731 bohdan@edpsoccer.com  
Steve Shilling* Vice President CJYSA; Director MSSL 732-432-7200 steve@edpsoccer.com  
Scott Ashcroft Referee Assigner/Discipline Committee (908) 399-6916 scotta@edpsoccer.com  
Jan Yager* CJYSA Secretary, League Registrar, Administrator 908-277-4116 jan@edpsoccer.com  
CJYSA Secretary
  CJYSA Treasurer      
Bill Yager League Scheduler 908-277-4116 Bill@edpsoccer.com  
 Jen Marsella  EDP Administrator 732-432-7200  jen@edpsoccer.com  
Joe Matrale MSSL Office - U23 league 732-432-7200 joe@edpsoccer.com  
Kimberly MSSL Treasurer 732-432-7200 kim@edpsoccer.com  
* CJYSA Board of Directors
MSSL/MAPS Regional League
Introduction and Frequently Asked Questions



How does MAPS differ from other situations?


MAPS Flights have always offered themselves as an ALTERNATIVE to traditional regular season league games. As teams progress through local play and begin to struggle to get “one goal games” week in and week out, a regionally-based league makes more sense, and that’s where we come in. MAPS games provide new challenges and fresh faces that stimulate seasonal play. MAPS has been providing such scheduling alternatives for over a decade.


And as stated in the introduction section above, MAPS is also prepared to try innovative solutions to scheduling concerns to ensure that quality soccer competition and player development always comes first.


Should every team consider playing in MAPS?