For USCL or KATS league affiliation-Register under our league affiliation and pay only the cost of passes

 1.     Club or team goes to www.usclubsoccer.org ; Move your mouse over Resources in the black bar on top, and then in the drop down, click BECOMING A MEMBER. 

2.     Have 5 choices for registration – 2 of which are most applicable for a travel team using the passes in league play: CLUB (use this if you plan to register 3 or more teams with USCLUB) & LEAGUE TEAM (use this if you are an individual team looking to register & need a league affiliate).  Registering as a LEAGUE TEAM (instead of a club) means you register under our league affiliation and as such only pay the cost of your passes. A club membership means you must register 3 or more teams (and players) with USCLUB and will be required to pay a $1000. deposit, which pass costs are deducted from that account.  So, for many teams, registering a league team is easier to swallow financially! You can register more than one team under that established account - as you are registering your club, but under the league affiliation.  So, enter once, and your club is registered for future teams.

SCROLL TO THE GRAY BAR THAT READS: LEAGUE TEAM. Last paragraph, has a lighter gray link for applying. "click here to complete the league team application":

  • To join as a team to play in a US Club Soccer-sanctioned league:
    Click here to complete the league team application. Please note that this application is only for the purpose of registering your players and staff. You may need to apply to the league separately for membership.

The application screens and what to fill in are found here - use this for a guide.

4.     Club/team completes the application and submits it to USCS - BE SURE TO FILL IN THE FOLLOWING:

·        In the drop down menu list of member leagues, find correct league: MSSL/MAPS (CJYSA-NJ) and click to insert

·        Complete all fields – be sure to list yourself as contact if you are expecting to enter your team roster.  The password comes back to the contact listed


5.  Contact USCL/MSSL Administrator, jan@mssl.org and Mike Gould, US CLUB regional director, mgould@usclubsoccer.org  advising you have submitted application for approval. 


6.     Once approved, a password is sent via email registered as club/contact.  This password, along with your email address (user name) will allow access to the member’s only website.  If your club already has an existing account with US Club under the MSSL/MAPS affiliation, your application will be declined; but you will receive an email from the league administrator advising you who to contact within your club to register your team under the exisiting account.


7.     Instructions for completing your player registration step are found here - use this for a guide.




Teams are responsible for registering coaches and players online. 


After receiving your password, go to www.usclubsoccer.com and click Log In. You will be directed to their third party vendor, KYCK.COM  Enter your email and password. If you do not have a password, click on "FORGOT password below the password line and the system will send you the password associated with your email registered.  You will then enter your club site.  You will enter information as follows:


·        Enter STAFF first – for each coach; assistant coach and team manager 

·        Enter TEAM information second -

·        Enter PLAYERS third – you may add the players’ birth certificate directly to the site if you have a scanner to scan the BC’s into your computer.  This saves a lot of time in delivery of the passes to you.  You will note the box that indicates “BROWSE” next to it to locate the file on your computer. You can also upload the players picture, which will then print directly onto the players pass, saving you added time of gluing pictures to the passes. This is also convenient should a pass be lost and needs to be reprinted.

·        Print off a copy of your roster - 

·        Lastly, you must request the player cards –.


Registrars MUST upload birth certificates for each player and must also pay electronically by credit card for the passes to be processed.  Passes are  sent to the club electronically for printing.  The following must be completed before passes are sent!


·        USCLUB must be paid for passes - $24. per player; $25. per coach  ($18 for U11 and younger).  You shall pay by credit card or online.   

·        Birth certificates must be individually scanned and uploaded as PDF's onto the USCLUB site for players. Be sure to optimize the file to web size. A file that is too big will not be uploaded.

     Player Pictures must be individually uploaded in JPEG format onto each player's profile in US CLUB. 

·        Club/team has each player complete the R0002 form (registration and medical release).  Club/team MUST retain this form to produce upon request.

·        Coaching staff MUST COMPLETE RISK MANAGEMENT FORMS (also known as Staff Background Checks) electronically on the website site: https://refserve2.com/club/gettingStarted.cfm?mid=b3ae8af4-b6a7-4068-b9f5-6af4d97928ea&cid=389 .  Risk Management forms need only be completed every other year for coaches. Cards will NOT be issued for coaches until a risk management form is submitted electronically to US CLUB.  Registrar should register coach with each team they are coaching (coach gets one pass for all teams in club).   Risk forms must be complete.  Club registrars must include the background check confirmation number on the coach pass request where indicated in the system for the pass to be issued.

Direct your coach or manager (or anyone who will be on the sideline with the players) to go to www.usclubsoccer.org and go to the RESOURCES and scroll down to BACKGROUND CHECK, THEN STAFF CLICK HERE -FIRST LINE. Each coach must complete the electronic risk management form in order to have the pass issued. If a coach does not have a pass, they will not be permitted on the coach/player sideline and will refrain from coaching from the fan side as well.


USCLUB must give final approval on cards.  USCS reviews information, and sends the passes electronically to the team registrar.  To print the passes, use blank card stock or plain white paper. Team must upload each player's picture, and LAMINATE THE PASSES once printed.  Please note, players are not required to sign the passes and the passes do NOT require a league stamp.



·        Team manages player database online; prints rosters, sanctioning forms, etc. as needed.  Players can be moved between teams, subject to any league roster rules.

·        Temporary cards will not be issued by USCS.  Until the player is issued a card they are NOT covered by USCS insurance!

·        To complete a drop/add, the player must first be released online by team #1 - first from the team's roster and then from OPEN PLAYERS to completely remove from the club; and thereafter registered online by team #2.  The old player card must be submitted to team #1’s league and destroyed.

·        For league play, roster rules (roster freeze date, primary/secondary league etc) are controlled by the league. 

·        Custom teams and rosters can be created online and printed for out-of-league tournament play.  No other roster approval is required

·        All other forms, requests for insurance certificates, etc. are available online at the USCS website.



1.     A team already registered through their club with US CLUB will still need to present their roster for approval. 



1.     A team may roster 26 active players. 

2.     However, cannot have more than 18 players dressed for 11v11 games, 14 players for 8v8. 

3.     Online, move players who are not playing to “open” and limit roster to 18 or 14 for games.

4.     Print off roster each week of players for games and submit to referee with game card – create game card roster label to affix to game card.


US Club roster rules – All ages: you are permitted an active roster of no more than 26. You may only dress up to 18 for an 11v11 game and no more than 14 for an 8v8.  There are no transfer rules, or seasonal limitations.  There is no secondary carding or dual carding of players from other clubs.  Players from the same club, carded US Club, may be floated between teams of the club.  US Club passes are by definition Club passes.

All games played with USCLUB passes will be played as USCL league games.

COACHES-All Coaches MUST complete a risk management form before their passes will be issued. go to www.usclubsoccer.org and click on PROGRAMS (yellow tab) and move down to Staff Background Check.

Risk Management

Given the importance of protecting youth soccer players, US Club Soccer has maintained a Risk Management and Background Check Program since its inception.  

Who Must Submit a Background Check Application:  All staff who are required to be registered and are coaching players U20 and below must complete the application.  This includes all coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers assigned to a competitive team.  If your team is registered as a recreational team or super rec team under US Club Soccer rules (i.e. teams that do not travel, or do not play in competitions outside the club, in-house league, or other similar programs in their area), minimally the head coach is required to be registered and complete a background check. (See Player Rule 105 and Policy 11.01).  These staff may not participate with a team until they have completed the background check process and obtained a staff card.

When Must the Application be Submitted:  The risk application must be submitted every two years, after July 1st of each year, in the year the staff passcard expires.  Staff passcards will not be issued until the individual’s application is reviewed and approved.  Rec coaches must only complete an application in the first year they are registered via the rec roster. 

How is the Application Submitted:  The background check application is accessed and submitted online.  If you are a staff member who needs to complete a risk form, click here to access the online form on the Web site Registration tab. 

More Information:

  • US Club Soccer’s Risk Management Program can be found in Attachment A of the Policies.
  • Failure to submit or the falsification of a risk management application may result in the immediate disqualification or suspension of such staff.
  • At the USSF Annual General Meeting in March, 2005, a USSF Risk Task  Force, on which the US Club Soccer Executive Director was a member, made  certain recommendations that are now USSF requirements:
    • USSF Bylaw 212 - All USSF member organizations are required to have a Risk Management Program.
    • USSF Policy 212 - Any actions under the program must be reported to the USSF with 10 business days.
    • USSF Policy 601-10 - Any person disqualified under a member’s risk management program is automatically disqualified from all other USSF members, unless and until the second member reviews the conduct and determines it is not in violation of its own risk management policies.
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