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NJ Youth Soccer Rostering
Filling out the roster and passes for validating by District Commissioner

What comes in the NJ Youth Soccer Player Pass Packet: 


1.     Information about NJ State Soccer Library selections, current year Champion & NJ State Cup applications, insurance information, etc.


2.     Team Roster; Player Passes and Volunteer Coach Passes

3.     Coaches State handbook




Player Registration/Membership forms; medical releases (download off the state website: www.njyouthsoccer.com )


Non Volunteer & Volunteer Coach Registration/Membership forms (download off the state website)



Things you should make note before you begin:


1.  There are 2 (TWO) different forms for coaches: Volunteer & Non Volunteer (paid coaches/trainers). 


a.     NON-VOLUNTEER coach passes must be issued from the state office.  NO COMMISSIONER CAN STAMP A NON-VOLUNTEER COACH PASS. Only NJ Youth Soccer office is able to issue a validated pass for a Paid coach.  Coaches are required to present documentation of insurance & additional insured (plus administration fee) to the state office; or pay $200. for coverage under the state association’s insurance.


b.     VOLUNTEER coach passes may be validated by a local DC.  Volunteer coaches MUST complete a volunteer coach registration form WITH EACH TEAM they are rostered (although they will receive only one pass & number); each completed registrations form is SENT TO THE STATE OFFICE with the corresponding roster.





1.     The white roster sheet (with copies) MUST be filled out in the following manner:


a.     List your players in NUMERICAL ORDER FIRST, recognizing that each line represents a roster place and pass number should correspond to numerical place # shown.  However, numerical order should also reflect alphabetical order as close as possible – Enter LAST NAME, FIRST NAME


b.     In the column for pass number - us the LAST FOUR NUMBERS ONLY - do not try to squeeze the full 7 numbers in!  So the number should be as follows:  ie, 87-02; 87-09 etc.


c.      Be sure that the pass number on the roster form matches the pass number card assigned to the corresponding player.


d.     YOU MUST USE A BALL POINT TIPPED PEN to complete the form.  DO NOT use a soft point pen or marker. It will not copy through all 4 copies.


e.     Correctly code the information on the top of the form.  The correct commissioner number must coincide with the commissioner validating your packet on each state membership form and roster.   A separate list of state commissioners is found on NJYS website under directories – www.njyouthsoccer.com


f.      Each club has a 4 digit number – starting with –9-( NJYS assigned number), which is sent at the beginning of each season to the club contact. Contact your club administrator for the number. 


g.     If you make a mistake, please call – you will not be given another roster form if you make errors.






1.     Player Name:  name on the front of player pass must match exactly to the player signature on the back of the pass.  If a boy goes by TJ Smith, and that is how he signs the card, then that is the name you put on the roster sheet AS WELL AS THE CARD (suggestion: have players sign the cards FIRST before filling in the card number or name on the rosters-this will save errors on cards, and getting needed replacements)!  Players must sign both their first and last names on the card as well as membership form.  No exceptions.


2.     Date of Birth:  be sure to put down the proper dates of birth. List the birth date as: MO/DA/YR. 


3.     Team Name:  Must include Club name in addition to team name – i.e., Pomona Eagles


4.     Team Number: This number is the same number as your roster number


5.     Age Group: fill in age group and use the same age group of team as noted on the roster sheet.


6.     Pass Number: Is NJ9xxxx-xx – 9 being 2009, when card expires; next 4 digits, the roster #, and last 2, the roster space


7.     NO ERRORS!  NO WHITE OUT!  NO CROSS OUTS!  NO STAPLES OR TAPE!!!  Card will be voided if any are included this way, and player lined off your roster. Player will need to complete a new card at a cost of $10. 


8.     Card must be signed before bringing packet to commissioner for validation.


9.     Player Pictures:  When attaching pictures to the back - be sure the pictures are GLUED only.  DONOT STAPLE OR TAPE TO CARD.  Any found this way will be returned and card not certified.


10. Player Pictures: should be no larger than 1.5” x 1”; should not cover the player signature; and player must be identifiable.


11. Attach picture where it says “attach picture here.”  Do not put on the other corner of the card!


Be sure the picture is a NEW PICTURE.  The picture cannot be taken off of an old card that has already been stamped, or laminated .  The state seal will not affix to a laminated picture.  The picture cannot be a photocopy or a newspaper clipping.