Assembling the Player Pass Packet for the DC

Assembling Packet for District Commissioner



Player forms: Make a copy of each state membership form & birth certificate; retaining a set for yourself.  Original membership and & copy of birth certificate go to the DC. 


Coaches: DC needs an original & COPY (2) of the non-volunteer membership form and copy of the coach’s licensing certificate.  State office receives original and retain the copy for DC’s records.





·       Membership forms should be in order as names appear on roster sheet submitted; and clipped together


·       All birth certificates/passport copies should be clipped together in a second group, in the same order as the state membership forms. 


·       All medical releases (or copies) should be clipped together in a third group, in the same order as the state membership forms. 


·       Put all the player passes together in the same order as the roster list and clip together (or put in a baggie or elastic band).  Separate the passes along their perforations – DONOT keep them attached and DONOT attach each pass to its state form



Clip all the piles separately and include with roster to DC



  1. VOLUNTEER Coaches MUST complete a membership form for each team they are coaching - and attach a copy of their coaching certification (or pass if issued to another team).  Your roster will not be validated without a certified coach.  If you need a copy of the coach license, contact the NJYS office to receive a duplicate ($25. charge).  Do NOT send anything other than a NJYS coaching certificate or USYSA coaching certificate that specifies your coaching license as A through F. 


  2. PAID COACHES – MUST get their pass issued directly from the NJYS office. Do not list a coach on a roster unless he has a validated NJYS pass to present.



This may seem a bit demanding from your perspective, DC’s turn over entire club packets within 24 hours or days at the onset of the season. The state requires the forms be completed correctly.  When a packet is organized neatly and in a manner that the DC is comfortable, the packet can be reviewed and validated faster. DC’s do not like returning packets and won’t fill in missing information.



Remember - membership forms, birth certificates and certified medical releases MUST accompany each player.  Any information missing will result in that player being lined off and not included in your roster - or the entire packet returned as incomplete, depending on the extent of the errors or missing information.



When packets are ready, the DC will email or call the contact listed on front of packet to arrange pickup.  Most DC’s will validate packets needed for pre-season tournaments first-in their date order; followed by league play. Or any other DC convenient to your residence - go to www.njyouthsoccer.com & directories to find full listing of DC’s



League Numbers:


Central Jersey Youth (MAPS)-   01     

Metro              -         10         

South Jersey Girls   -  15

Garden State            -    04      

Mid-NJ Youth Soccer - 09

Gloucester County -    03      

MOSA              -         11

Jersey Area Girls (JAGS) - 05      

Morris County  -         12

Jersey Coast Youth  -    06        

LISA                     -    08      

South Jersey     -         14