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OUT OF STATE PLAYERS - NJ Youth Soccer Rosters:


Player must receive permission to play on an out of state team from their US Youth Soccer state office.  For example, a NY resident player must go to ENYYSA and request permission to play on a NJ team. That state office issues the player a validated player pass from that state, along with a validated permission to play form.


The player then turns the out of state pass and signed/validated permission to play over to the NJ team coach/manager, along with a validated medical release. No NJYS player membership form is required, as the out of state player will not receive a NJYS pass; he/she has one from their home state to use on the NJYS roster.


The manager records the player’s name, address and pass number from the out of state pass, onto their NJ roster.  With Electronic registering, the player information and his pass number are added to the NJ roster through Got Soccer club/team account.


Manager takes the completed roster, along with all player membership forms, signed medical releases and birth certificates (including the same forms to be completed and attached for the out of state player) to their district commissioner (see list of DC’s for league on this site; or www.njyouthsoccer.com for a full listing of NJ DC), for validation.  Local DC’s are permitted to validate a roster with out of state players on it.


If a team adds an out of state player after the team roster has been validated by a local DC, same procedure of pass and forms follows for adding the player.   


Some additional notes regarding out of state players on NJ rosters for 2010-11 - excerpted from the NJYS website:



1.  NJYS will not give permission for an out of state player U10 or younger to play in New Jersey.

2.  A NJYS team must have a minimum of 11 NJYS registered players at all times on its roster.






Just go into your account, and add the player to your roster as you would any any player.  Attach the birth certificate by scanning into the computer; request and pay for the player’s pass.  Pass will be emailed to you in 48 hours.