NEW U11 teams 8v8 Option - Frequently Asked Questions

We are pleased to announce the formation of an 8v8 program for interested U11 teams.  Unfortunately, because NJYS currently rosters U11 under 11v11, there cannot be any deviation to the NJYS roster to accommodate 8v8 at U11. We hope with further interest from teams, this will change in the future. For now, the program will be affiliated and run under USCL-our US Club affiliated league.

If your team still wants to enter and compete in NJYS State Cup, your team can also register under our CJYSA/MAPS U11 11v11.  You will have to pay registration twice since one is 8v8 and the other is 11v11, but the option is yours.

Teams will need to register for passes under US CLUB SOCCER.  Speak with your club registrar. If you have an existing club account, just add your team. If your club does not have an account, you can register under our league affiliation as a team club account. Instructions for US CLUB SOCCER REGISTRATION are provided on our website.

Q.  How will I register my U11 team for the 8v8 option?
A.  Through USCL/MAPS online registration.

Q.  What will be my registration options for the U11 age group Fall 2012 season?
     1.  U11 8v8 Full Season (8 games) - US Club Roster
     2.  U11 8v8 Half Season (5 games) - US Club Roster
     3.  U11 11v11 Full Schedule (NJYS State Cup) - NJYS Roster (Those looking to play an 11v11 USCL schedule - your USCL roster will also apply for these USCL games as well)
     4.  U11 11v11 Half Schedule (NJYS State Cup qualifying schedule)
(NOTE: teams that choose to play in another league will have no more than a half schedule for both 11v11 and 8v8)

Q.  How will my team be carded for the U11- 8v8 option?
A.  Through US Club only. Any team that wants to hold a NJYS roster will have to play 11v11 with that roster through either our CJYSA league or another league.

Q.  How many players can I roster for this option?
A.  You can roster as many players as a US Club roster will allow.  The ideal roster size for a small-sided team is 12 players.

Q.  I have 20 players on my roster, how can I register two teams to play 8v8?
A.  You should separate the players into US Club teams and register each team for the 8v8 option. The idea for 8v8 is so players have more touches on the ball. Having too many on the roster or limiting play time to half a game defeats that purpose.

Q.  Can I transfer players to play on both of my 8v8 teams?
A.  US Club rules regard the passes as club passes, so you can float players among any of your club teams for USCL games as long as they are age appropriate for the match.

Q.  If I register to play 8v8, can my team also play 11v11?
A.  Yes, but you will need to register twice, once for 8v8 under USCL and then under CJYSA for 11v11.

Q.  Will I be able to play in the NJYS State Cup if I chose and register for the U11 8v8 option?
A.  No. NJYS requires teams be carded to NJYS and play a NJYS league affiliated schedule in order to play in their State Cup. 8v8 for U11 in our league will be played under USCL with US Club passes. NJYS will not accept US Club passes and CJYSA does not recognize US Club passes for league play so we could not give you a schedule.
However, your team CAN register under CJYSA as a 11v11 team and play a league schedule under 11 a side in order to qualify and register for NJYS State Cup.

Q.  How many games will be scheduled for 8v8?
A.  Depending on the number of teams that register, there will be two schedule options, full season schedule (8 games) and a half season schedule.

Q.  If I chose the half season schedule, can I add games during the season?
A.  Yes.  You would add games by emailing the U11 8v8 division the same as it's done now.

Q.  Are there any rule changes for U11 8v8?
A.  No.  U11 8v8 will continue to follow FIFA rules, with the standard MAPS/USCL youth changes found in our league rules.

Q.  How long will games be for U11 8v8?
A.  60 minutes; or 30 minute halves.

Q.  If I play U11 8v8, will there be any tournaments for small-sided U11 teams?
A.  Yes, MAPS will add U11 8v8 Divisions in many of their scheduled tournaments based upon demand.

Q.  If I play U11 8v8, can my team play in a full-sided division of a tournament?
A.  Yes, you would need to use your US Club roster to register for that tournament.

Q.  What would be the required field dimensions?
A.  There aren't any required field dimension, but an ideal field size would be 50'x80'