FALL & SPRING 2015/16 REGISTRATION For New Jersey U11-U14 teams 11v11 format
Information & Instructions on the registration process for U11-U14 teams playing 11v11 format For those teams who did not register/play MAPS in Fall 2015, click the second registration link to register for Spring 2016


Read all information below before clicking the registration links – registration process and prices have changed for 2015-2016!

REGISTRATION  Application: MAPS LEAGUE U11-U14 11v11 FALL & SPRING 2015/16

 Those teams who did not register/play Fall 2015,  Registration for SPRING 2016 here

LEAGUE REGISTRATION FEE: Teams incur a single season league registration fee that is charged when a team registers. The cost is $525 for the Fall & Spring 2015/16 season.  This way you do not have to worry about whether you registered or now. If you discover you will not have a viable team for the spring season, you should send us an email and request a refund.

FORFEIT BOND: Forfeit bond is applicable to ALL teams asOne-time fee of $300. The fee carries over season to season. Fee will be returned to team upon departure from the league or when you age out, whichever comes first. You will be charged the one time forfeit bond as part of the electronic registration. You are required to check off that you have read the League Forfeit Bond Policy on your application. Read the League Forfeit Bond policy here.  New teams must purchase a $300 one time bond; as well as returning teams that did not pay.

U11-12 ONLY – $190.00 18 player ROSTER AFFILIATION - 18 passes will be sent to team managers as listed on the application-be sure to include mailing address & correct email. Teams register with NJYS rostering only ONCE per seasonal year (9/1-8/31) 

U13-14 ONLY – $210.00 22 player ROSTER AFFILIATION - 22 passes will be sent to team managers as listed on the application-be sure to include mailing address & correct email. Teams register with NJYS rostering only ONCE per seasonal year (9/1-8/31) 

To simplify our registration, U11-U14 11v11 format teams will register for one league event and have one league schedule. While the schedule will include both CJYSA and USCL games, CJYSA games will be designated by the league for all inflight games. All crossover matches or supplemental listed games are USCL games.

Full Payment by credit card or e-check must be made for your application to be complete. We accept VISA and MasterCard only. All credit card transactions will be charged a 4% processing fee.

PAYMENT: PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS on the application as accurately as possible. You are charged based upon the answer to the questions.   

Returning teams will be charged any outstanding forfeit fines or referee fees that may be due.  YOUR REGISTRATION FEE WILL NOT BE PROCESSED AND SENT TO YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY UNTIL THIS IS DONE. You are approved when the payment is verified with the bank or credit card company. FEES will be pended to each team when registering online.

LEAGUE AFFILIATION: Our organization recognizes two governing bodies for league play-CJYSA league, affiliated with NJYS and USCL league affiliated with US CLUB Soccer. This means, teams participating under CJYSA must use USYSA (NJYS) affiliated passes, and those participating under USCL must use US CLUB passes.  Teams are required to present NJYS passes at each CJYSA league match, and US Club passes at each USCL match, as verification of governing affiliation of the match. CJYSA league is affiliated with NJYS and ALL NJ players playing 11v11 are REQUIRED to obtain NJYS Player PASSES for participation in our league. 

REMEMBER-ALL NJ teams U11 and older, are required to carry both NJYS and US Club Soccer passes. 

NJYS ROSTERING AFFILIATION FEES: The NJYS Rostering fee is the NJYS charge for affiliating your roster with NJYS. You must register the NJYS Got Soccer event corresponding with your primary league (do not register with another league). The league collects this fee for all NJ teams who are registering with our league as their primary league. Even though CJYSA will charge the rostering fee, all teams registering with MAPS are still required to register for the NJYS Roster Registration event in Got Soccer.  NJYS Official Roster registration will open the first week in August 2014. If you have registered and paid the league fees, the league will approve your NJYS roster via Got Soccer. U11 and U12 teams have 18 player rosters under NJYS.  IMPORTANT: If you are a New Jersey team, and we are your primary or only league, you must purchase your NJYS pass packet through our league. Your club registrars should not attempt to purchase through another league. You are purchasing the ROSTERING AFFILIATION, NOT PASSES.  If you are playing in another league and they are your primary league, you should purchase your packet through that league and indicate same when completing our application.

US CLUB SOCCER PASSES: Instructions for obtaining US CLUB passes may be found here.

Our USCL games are affiliated with US CLUB Soccer. All U11-U14 teams will automatically be given USCL games requiring US Club passes.

If you are a NJ team that has all of your players carded to other NJYS teams so that you cannot form a NJYS team, you can register as USCL only and play with US Club passes only. You must 1) provide copies of all players 2015/2016 NJYS passes to finalize any schedule in our league. U11-U14 New Jersey teams interested in playing under US CLUB governance (and obtaining US CLUB passes) may do so, but cannot play USCL only (this does not apply to U11 or U12 8v8 teams, or those teams playing in another NJYS league) 

U11-U14 New Jersey teams interested in playing under US CLUB governance (and obtaining US CLUB passes) may do so, but cannot play USCL only (this does not apply to those teams playing in another NJYS league)

U11 and older Teams are required to hold US Club passes in addition to their USYSA passes.