for Club Administrators or Representatives-HOW DO I BECOME A CLUB REP?

Clubs must have someone recognized as a club administrator to enter club information into our website - especially field address information - so teams may complete the game assignments for referee assignors and opponents. In addition, club reps may view the entire club league schedule through our site and add additional information regarding your club and officers. These individuals can be granted access to the site via log-in to view entire team schedules and receive league updates.  Through Club reps, teams may update their field information.

How to add Club contact and Field Complexes to Club Account
First, someone must be designated as club representatives within our CJYSA website. This could be someone from your club, or the team manager - it is up to the club/team to designate.  This person WILL have a different PIN and administrative level from the team access pin accounts.
  1. To register as a club contact and input field complexes:
  2. Go to www.cjysa.org
  3. On left menu, click on “CLUB REPS” - or click "here-CLUB DIRECTORY"
  4. Center of the page, see club directory. Scroll through the alphabetical listing and click on your club.
  5. On the club page, look to see if you are already listed or who might be currently listed. You will have the opportunity to correct/change once you get into the system.
  6. In the upper right corner, see “CLUB LOG IN” – click it. New Page will ask for email, PIN and right below will be the following: “** You may retrieve your LOG IN info if you have forgotten (or never received) it **”
  7. Click on retrieve your LOG IN and input your email address. A message should appear:“Our records DID NOT match the email address you entered for club administrator. Would you like to add yourself as one? YES NO”
  8. Click on the Yes, and proceed to enter your name/address/phone/email and role. Pick one close, and then enter override description if it is something else. Click SAVE at the bottom.
  9. A new message will appear with your email address and your NEWPIN – this is strictly your CLUB REP pin, so record it and keep it handy for when needed (or you can always request the pin be sent to you at the login!)
  10. Now go back to the LOG IN, and enter your email address and your new PIN. You will have 4 options to choose from:
  • Edit Club information
  • Edit Club Contacts
  • Club field info
  • Club Schedule
  1. Click on field info. A new page will appear with instructions. Print it so you may refer to it; but scroll down to the bottom to edit fields and directions – and click the link to edit fields.
  2. On the next page, on the top, will be a GREEN tab – add new complex
  3. Click on the link and on the new page, you will complete as field information as follows:
  4. Under Complex Name – put in CLUB and field name. Be sure to add a specific street address for the field, or at least a street name. To the right, under individual fields, for 1., put in FIELD 1 – if you just put in “1”, the system won’t accept it, so you have to say FIELD in front of the number 1.
Fields should be listed as follows:
EACH FIELD LOCATION/ADDRESS IS SEPARATELY ENTERED AS A FIELD COMPLEX! And for our administrative process, please add the name of your club in front of the field name.
Enter NAME OF COMPLEX – enter your CLUB NAME followed by the Complex name. If it is a park, enter the park name. An example would be:
Then add street address-i.e., 55 Grovers Mill Road, Plainsboro, NJ
For those complexes that do not have specific or official names, then follow with the street it is on. An example would be:
STROUDSBURG SC Shankweiller Rd
Then add the street address – i.e., 3557 Shankweiller Rd, Allentown, PA
Then at the bottom, enter 01 for the field – or field name if applicable; input if it is grass or turf, and click the button for yes or no if the field is lighted.
If ONE COMPLEX has multiple fields – then add field 01, field 02, field 03, etc with description of each surface.
REMEMBER, do NOT shortcut the field input information and, DO NOT ADD Multiple field addresses under ONE COMPLEX!!! And DO NOT put a link to your club site in place of the field address or as a direction! Copy and paste from your club site the field direction, and put in the text box on the complex site. DO NOT USE SHORT CUTS WHEN INPUTTING FIELD INFORMATION!!! 
TO update FIELD PERMITS and attach the fields to the club –
  1. Go to club reps on the left menu and on the page, find your club and click it. On the club page, go to the upper right and LOG IN to the club page with your CLUB ID and PIN.
  2. Click on CLUB HOME to be at the main page. There you should see on the left, Club administration, team administration, field info and club schedule.
  3. Click on field Info – scroll down to the bottom and click on MANAGE FIELD PERMITS
  4. Just below the tabs on the top of the page, click on the green box that says “Add a new Permit to this group”
  5. On the new page, click the drop down menu next to the box following Permit FIELD
  6. Scroll down to find your fields you have entered – alphabetically, and if done correctly, listed by your CLUB name first.
  7. For Permit Priority, you can check off all the days of the week, or just the weekends. We recommend all days in case you have any week day games for make up.
  8. You MUST put a date in “Permit Begins” and a date in “Permit Ends” – I recommend using 8/1/ of the current year (2010) for begins and two years later for permit ends (8/1/2012).
  9. For Start time and end time – you can be specific; however I usually only indicate an end time of 10 PM if there are lights on the field; and check of the box-end at dark – if no lights.
  10. You do not need to change the age group and gender unless you feel so compelled.
  11. Scroll to the bottom and click “SAVE”
You will return to the page, Add a field permit to this group – and you can add additional fields for your club.
Once done, click the tab – Club Home on the right to exit.