Referee Game Reporting
Process for assigning, accepting and reporting scores for all MSSL league games - CJYSA, USCL & KATS
Process for assigning, accepting and reporting scores for all MSSL league games - CJYSA, USCL, & KATS:
ASSIGNORS: We do need to have our assignors registered in our Got Soccer system so referees can be assigned to games and appear on the game schedule as assigned. If you are having difficulty, please contact Jan Yager at jan@mssl.org for assistance.
Referees:  Games results shall be reported by phone to the number provided below, or by registering in Got Soccer system and entering the score through your Got Soccer referee account.
Some of you are still having difficulty entering the game results into the Got Soccer system. PLEASE NOTE: the phone system is active only up to 24 hours after the weekend. So, calling in scores must be done no later than Monday evening following the Sunday game. After that, you will get a message that the phone system is no longer taking scores…
However, referees CAN enter the score via computer (you do NOT need to be assigned to a game to report the score). Instructions are as follows:
As long as a referee has the event ID, Pin and game number he/she can enter the score and any cads from the computer as well.
1.Go to GotSoccer.com-->User Login-->(be sure to go to the log-in at the bottom of the page specifically for referee log-in. Do not use the general log-in at the top of the page)
2.Click Scheduling - there is a scoring input button. Click the scoring input button
3.You will be prompted for the event ID and Pin. Input both
4.You will then be prompted for the game number – input; and then you can enter the home and away score.
5.Remember to add any cards and the reason for the card
Referees shall use the phone or online system to enter the score as well as any yellow/red cards. All that is needed is the call in number, the event ID (differs by each league), the event pin and the game number.
With all that in hand, you can call the score in and enter the cards, or use a computer to do so.
Referees call in to report scores to: 904-758-0875
Each league event has an event code and pin. They are listed below:
League Event
Event ID/Code
U7 & U8 KATS Fall 2012
5287 (KATS)
U9-U11 MAPS USCL 8v8 Fall 2012
6277 (MAPS)
U11-U14 USCL 11v11 Fall 2012
8725 (USCL)
U11-U14 CJYSA 11v11 Fall 2012
2597 (CJYS)
Please continue to send me emails should you encounter problems. This is a new system for ALL of us – and I will follow up with Got Soccer regarding any questions.
Referee Game Day Procedures and Q&A for the Online Referee Game Reporting System: Click on Procedures 

To report EDP game results - send email to Jen Marsella at jen@mssl.org and give the details to Jen via email.