REPORTING SCORES - Referees and Team Contacts
2015-2016 Seasonal Year

 While both teams are to enter scores, it is the final responsibility of the referee to report the game score and all penalty reports. There are two ways to report the score: electronic entry and by phone. The phone system is active only up to 24 hours after the weekend. So, calling in scores must be done no later than Monday evening following the Sunday game. After that, you will get a message that the phone system is no longer taking scores…

However, referees CAN still enter the score via computer (you do NOT need to be assigned to a game to report the score). Instructions are as follows:
As long as a referee has the event ID, Pin and game number he/she can enter the score and any cards from a computer, smart phone or tablet, as well. ALL GAME CARDS HAVE THE EVENT ID, PIN and Game number listed!
Click “User Login” in the upper right corner of MEMBER LOGIN.
Scroll down the page and find Event Scheduling/Scoring - in the lower right login.
Click "Scoring Input" to the right of Scheduling. You will be prompted for the event ID code and the Event Pin - see below for each league event code and corresponding pin or what is listed on the game card.  We have included a picture below of where to go to start the score input process.  Follow the prompts for recording the scores.
Add all red and yellow offenses electronically. Be sure to know the players pass ID number as well as jersey number, from the roster. By entering the information electronically, the player is automatically lined off from the next match. DO NOT confiscate player passes! Return all passes to the coach. EXCEPTION: if the coach is ejected from the game, send the pass in to the league as instructed.
Each league event has an event code and pin. They are listed below:
League Event
Event ID/Code
CJYSA FALL 2015 Schedule U11-U14
 46492  2597 (CJYS)
MAPS FALL 2015 Schedule U7-U14
 46385 6277 (MAPS)
CJYSA SPRING 2016 Schedule U11-U19   2597 (CJYS)
MAPS SPRING 2016 Schedule U7-U19 46491 6277 (MAPS)



Questions or problems, contact: Jan Yager jan@edpsoccer.com 908-277-4116
To report the score by computer: go to www.gotsoccer.org and click on Score Input under Event Scheduling.


For Mobile App Users - Apple offers the App - search for 'got soccer" - its free. Pages you will see green page to start. Click on 2nd button GotSoccer.com:


Click on EVENT SCORING, and then input the Event ID and Pin as found on the game card or listed above.