MANAGER NOTES for CJYSA website team update & game prep
How to Load your team roster, Print your game report, input your field information, update your games

It is always enjoyable to meet coaches and managers at our meetings. We cover alot of information in the meetings so having a summary of the meeting is helpful.  You can print the information and keep it handy for reference. This tells you how to do most every function and covers details that can be found on our website under the various topics. We know it can be daunting to search out the answer. Hopefully this review will help you and be a reference for you in questions. We have tried to separate it by the areas as if you were setting up for a game date.

Please remember, the schedules we provide are suggested dates. We want teams to set their FULL Schedules by March 11, 2012. No more last minute scheduling and changing. Our flexibility is in letting you decide what weekends/days you are available to play. Once past this, there should be no more last minute scheduling. This helps assignors and teams set their schedules and have teams and coaches available.
Please remember, the schedules we provide are suggested dates. Our league requires BOTH teams to agree on the day, date and time of the match. If one team needs a morning game, and the home team cannot comply, then a new date is arranged convenient for both. Teams may also flip-flop game site if the time request cannot be arranged by the home team and both agree this will work. Remember, the key is BOTH. Home teams may not set a date and time without the agreement of the away team (however, if one team refuses to respond, the league will advise the home team to set a date and list on the website that should spur the away team to respond. A failure to respond will be considered agreement to the date as shown in the team schedule). Be sure to call your opponent and set the date and time, then follow up with a confirming email so there is no confusion. The email trail will be required by the league in the event of a dispute or a no-show.
More importantly, no team will be permitted the excuse that they “never agreed to the date.” Teams have a responsibility to review their team page and schedule and are responsible for all games. TEAMS HAVE THE FIRST 3 WEEKS ONCE SCHEDULES ARE PUBLISHED to set their game schedules with opponents and have set dates, times and fields. It is the home team’s responsibility to update the schedule with those dates, times and fields. There are to be NO CHANGES ONCE SET BY BOTH TEAMS. It is too confusing for assignors to keep up with the changes –so the games will be set and done within the first 3 weeks. You have the flexibility to pick your dates, so the first 3 weeks is the time to do it and then stick to it.
Any cancellation or change that is requested within 7 days of the set match may only be changed with the approval of the league prior to the match – except in the event of a weather cancellation or a NJYS state cup match that pre-empts a league match (note, this does NOT apply to state cup matches the day before or the day after a league match). A scheduling conflict of a coach is not acceptable cancel/reschedule. Your assignor MUST BE NOTIFIED IMMEDIATELY over ANY CANCELLATION – in writing and/or by phone.
Teams have a two week period from the original schedule date in which to set a new game date should the game be postponed due to weather, state cup or league approved reschedule. The new game date does not need to be within the 2 weeks – only that a new date be set within 2 weeks.
Teams CAN decide between each other to reschedule, but remember, if it is too close to the date, the home team may need to find a new opponent or referee/assignor fees will need to be paid. And, it is the responsibility of BOTH teams to get that game played at a later date, or face the consequences of fines that will be equally shared by both teams.
How to log in to see your team’s full schedule and make changes as needed
  1. From www.cjysa.org , at the top choose Team Contacts and your age group from the dropdown menu.
  2. Click your team.
  3. This screen will only show your CJYSA and will not include your USCL games.
  4. On the colored bar at the top, click Team Log In (on right) and enter your email and pin. Should you not know your pin, choose Click Here in the tan area just below. If your email is on file, your pin should be sent to you soon thereafter. If the system comes back and reports the email is not on file, contact jan@mssl.org for assistance.
What you should check on your team page
  1. Are at least 2 different team contacts shown along with telephone numbers? If not, click Contacts on the green bar at the top and add other contact or modify existing ones. Contacts may include both their home and cell numbers so we ask contacts to provide as many numbers to reach them as possible.
  2. Adding your roster to the team page: this is required for the game cards. Click on roster from the top bar. If no players appear, click Add Player to Team. Complete for each player being sure to include jersey number and player pass numbers. If a roster shows without either jersey numbers or pass numbers, then click Mod to the left of each player and enter the additional information. This information needs to be complete by both teams before a correct game card can be printed.
  3. If you have already entered a roster in a past season, and want to update, go to roster, and click PLAYER POOL. Past players will appear. Check the box next to each player who remains on your squad and click save. Then follow instructions #2 to add additional players to the team.
  4. Remember to include PASS NUMBERS for each player. ID# is reserved for the USYSA affiliate number (NJYS or EPYSA); and the US Club ID# (right below ID#) is reserved for players US Club pass numbers. Both pass numbers will appear on the game card.
  1. Every U11 through U19 team has two schedules under two different affiliations that are combined into one schedule for viewing ease. The FULL schedules of both leagues are available under each team’s page when LOGGED IN to the team page.
  2. All U11-U19 teams have a publicly viewable schedule which is the CJYSA schedule and requires all teams play these matches with NJYS or USYSA equivalent passes. 
  3. All U11-U19 teams have the balance of their schedule viewable only when administratively logged in to the team page. These games are USCL games, with USCL indicated, and are played with US Club passes. All teams in MAPS 1 or MAPS 2 flights must carry both USYSA and US Club passes.
  4. U11-U19 teams that are in the Premier flights have the option to carry US Club passes in addition to their required USYSA passes. IF a team does NOT carry US Club passes, those hidden games should have a MASF in front of the USCL to indicate this to the opponents so both teams know to use USYSA passes for the match. These games remain hidden since they do not go to the qualifying in flight game schedules as required by NJYS.
  5. U10 and younger teams play under USCL only and hold only US Club passes for league play. Their schedules are hidden from public view.
  6. Teams may include their parents under TEAM FANS – which may make the full schedule viewable to the team (so far not confirmed by any teams yet).
Game Cards – Home team must present game card to referee before the start of the match. Home team prints the game card.
  1. Game cards with rosters of both teams are printed on a per game basis.
  2. Home Team ONLY prints the game card. Away team can print for “back up”
  3. BE SURE THE GAME HAS been edited to include GAME TIME AND FIELD LOCATION on the website, otherwise game card will NOT appear for printing!
  4. Go down to the schedule, highlight and copy (ctrl “C”) the game number next to the game you are looking to print.
  5. Click Game Cards under Team Links.
  6. Choose the appropriate age group (you will just see U9 first; or U15 for older teams-scroll down the page for the other age groups). A.) Check the boxes in front of the two teams that will be playing. Only the team name (without the club name) shows under the listing. It may take some searching if, for instance, there are two United team shown. B.) Scroll down to the left, and select the following under game style, “Standard,” “Produce One Game Card” and “Show Both Teams Rosters”. C.) Also, you should check off order by game #; and D.) paste (Ctrl “V”) the game number in the box next to game code. Now click Produce Game cards.
  7. A message will indicate next to both team’s names “pending” until the game report appears. Both team’s rosters along with jersey numbers and player pass numbers will appear for both teams. Should your team’s info be lacking, please enter it under your team page/roster. If the opponent’s is missing, please help by contacting them and ask them to get it done so the game card can be printed.  Finally, go to FILE on the top of your internet page, and click PRINT. The game report will print for you. 
  8. IF you input your team roster in the fall or last year, but the players have “disappeared” – click on TEAM POOL under ROSTER – and you will see a full listing of players who have been listed to your team. Click the check box next to each player’s current name & pass number. They will appear on your roster.
Editing game’s date, time or location – home team may edit game information
1.     Looking at your full schedule shown on your team page or by clicking Official Team Schedule under Team Links, you will see each of your games. Hopefully, each September game should show a time and location. Realistically, many are missing information. When a time and location is established with the agreement of both teams, the home team needs to enter the information. Click Edit Games and editable fields turn green. Click Edit Me to enter information for games. It is important that this information is current at least one week prior to the scheduled game since referee assignors will use this information. Until we get all teams up-to-date, continue to call your referee assignor to confirm games.
2.     If you need to ADD a game to your schedule, you must send an email to bill@mssl.org with the following information: TEAM AGE, HOME TEAM, AWAY TEAM, DATE, TIME, FIELD NAME, ASSIGNOR – and Bill or I will add the game to the schedule.
3.     to flip flop home and away – edit games and then click the arrow between the two teams to flip who is home and away.
4.     If a game is postponed and one of the teams wants a new opponent for that day, SEND AN EMAIL to Bill/I – at bill@mssl.org with the following information: your team name and age (if it is not clear where you are located, give a town & state; date & day you are looking for a game; home/away or flexible (if you have a specific time or time range, include); contact name, phone number and email. We will send out an email blast to the age group.
REMEMBER - BOTH teams have the responsibility to contact each other and arrange to an agreed upon game day, date and time for the match. While the home team has the field access, they must work with the opposing team for a time that is agreeable for both teams. The game is NOT SET until both teams agree. We recommend teams speak on the phone first to set the match, and the home team should follow up by sending a confirming email as to the day, date and time of the match so there is no confusion later. This should be done WELL IN ADVANCE of the match! Do not wait until the week of the game to try to arrange the game.
EVERY TEAM CAN VIEW THEIR SCHEDULE via their team page. This means the away team has as much responsibility to contact the home team and say “I didn’t agree to that time/date” as the home team does to post the information more than 7 days prior to the date posted.
The response, “I didn’t agree to that date and time, so my team didn’t show up” will NOT be acceptable. Your silence in scheduling will be taken by the league as agreement to the date and time.
If you do not voice your disagreement with the posted time more than 7 days prior to the date poste (by email for record), you are expected to show up for the game. Failure to do so will result in your team being charged a forfeit fine and full game referee fees that are payable to the referees or home team within 10 days of the date. In addition, if the home team pays a field rental fee, you will also be responsible for that fee to the home team. Failure to make payment within 10 days will have your team removed from the league.
While the majority of teams do not create problems or issues, the few who do make the experience less enjoyable for all involved. Everyone joins to play soccer - and we are taking steps to be sure everyone fulfills their obligation as they signed on to do.
Referee Assignors
  1. The simplest way to see what referee assignor is attached to your club is to return to your team page (not after clicking Edit Games) and click on Edit in the Edit column for any one of your home games that is not part of a doubleheader.
  2. The assignor that is attached to your club for assigning is shown under Assignor.
  3. The club person that is often contacted to arrange for referees is often not a registered referee assignor. However, that person should know who the registered referee assignor is for your club. We hope this name matches the one listed. Should you not believe that this is the correct assignor, contact us at jan@mssl.org.  We will contact Bob Mykulak and discuss further with the team and club.
  4. Another way to view your club assignor: Go to www.cjysa.org and click on CLUB REPS on the top or the LEFT MENU on the main page. Go to club directory there, and click on your CLUB name. On the club page, you will see the club officers listed, including the REFEREE ASSIGNOR we input to your club. If you do not believe this is the correct assignor, follow #3 above.
  5. The Assignor listed will automatically get a listing of your team HOME games for the season. They will also be automatically updated when changes are made electronically to the system. It is imperative that each team update their team home schedule from their team page with field, and time information-after agreement with the opposing team. Teams may also change game dates when agreed upon with the opponent.
  6. Be sure you confirm Monday of each week with your assignor the home games you have scheduled. Some assignors might not use our system because they assign in multiple leagues and it is too difficult for coordinating or another reason. Do NOT count on the electronic process as being the failsafe method! Each team/club MUST confirm games with their assigned assignor each week.
  7. The league only pays assignors for the games that are listed on our website! State Cup games are the responsibility of the home clubs. Just because a game is between two “MAPS” teams does not mean it is covered by our league. Any friendly games that are not on our website are also the responsibility of the home clubs and must be paid directly to the assignors!
  8. VALID REASONS TO CANCEL A GAME: NJYS state cup match interferes with the scheduled league date (not a league game next day or day before a NJYS state cup match) and the field is unplayable due to weather conditions.
  1. Assignor assigns the referees for matches.
  2. Home team contacts assignors at the beginning of each week to confirm games scheduled for the upcoming weekend, including fields and times.
  3. Referee fees can be found: http://www.cjysa.org/gamecards/516433.html
  4. Print off the Referee Quick Notes: http://www.cjysa.org/gamecards/146793.html . (you can print on the back of the game card) You should hand to the referee before the start of the game. Not only does it include the suggested referee fees (remember, we use prevailing area rate first-this is only if there is no known fee or the fee is lower) but gives the referee instructions for reporting the scores.
  5. While referees should be reporting scores, Teams should also log in and report the scores from their team page. At the sign-in welcome, choose “Update team scorekeeping.”
  6. Remember, all players MUST have player passes to play. No exceptions!!!! You team must play under the same pass affiliation during a match. Meaning, if you have NJYS passes, and then you cannot pull in a player or use a player’s US Club pass, if his NJYS pass is not available. ALL PLAYERS ON YOUR SQUAD must play under the same pass affiliation.
  7. Referees are paid at the start of the match.
  8. We encourage teams to provide comments on referees – both good and bad. Go to www.cjysa.org and on the left menu near the bottom is “Coaches Comments” – this loads to a referee report that should be completed by the coach/manager and is electronically submitted to Bob Mykulak. Bob holds these and if there is something specific on a referee, he will discuss with the referee to correct.
Reporting Scores
  1. Referees should be reporting scores, but many do not. Teams MUST log into their team page to report scores. At the sign-in welcome, choose “Update team scorekeeping.”
  2. Any current or past games where scores have not been input will be listed. If your opponent has already listed the score, it will not appear. If you are playing a game in advance of the listed date, it will not appear (in this case, the home team should log in and change the game date)
  4. If your game does not appear, go to your team home page (log in version) and see if the score has already been reported. If not, click on “Home Page” in the green bar to revisit your welcome page and to look again. If the problem persists, notify jan@mssl.org .
We encourage CLUB participation in our league. While we do accept individual teams into our league, clubs can utilize our site for club registrations of teams when a single registrar is responsible. 
clubs have a responsibility to be sure their teams are adhering to the NJYS and league rules. We are a NJYS member, and as such run our league within the rules established by NJYS. No club or club representative should say they do not know anything about our league and so leave that responsibility to the team.
Clubs may enter club contacts into our website. It would be wonderful if this was maintained each year by club reps so we had contacts in the event there is a problem with a team and who do we need to contact. Club reps may be included on all game updates for their teams as well as register multiple teams from the club with our league when we are accepting registrations. Additionally, the club rep can update the club fields and include directions on our website for the convenience of opponents. It is easy for club reps to register. The process is as follows.
How to add Club contact to Club Account

Club administration is a different function from the team administration and functions. As discussed, each club should have a person or persons who maintain the club side on our website – updating club personnel, and field information. It is important that fields are properly listed with permit authorization so the assignors may assign referees to fields.
The club rep may be the team manager/coach, or a club official who will accept the responsibility. Just note, that club representatives do receive their own user ID and pin which will be different from the team log in. SO a team rep who is also the club rep must remember the user ID and pin for this administrative function is different from the team pin, with different access into the system. 
To register as a club contact and input field complexes:
Go to www.cjysa.org <
On left menu, click on “CLUB REPS”
Center of the page, see club directory. Scroll through the alphabetical listing and click on your club.
On the club page, look to see if you are already listed or whom might be currently listed. You will have the opportunity to correct/change once you get into the system.
In the upper right corner, see “CLUB LOG IN” – click it. New Page will ask for email, PIN and right below will be the following :
“** You may retrieve your LOG IN info if you have forgotten (or never received) it **”
Click on retrieve your LOG IN and input your email address. A message should appear:
“Our records DID NOT match the email address you entered for club administrator. Would you like to add yourself as one? YES NO”
Click on the Yes, and proceed to enter your name/address/phone/email and role. Pick one close, and then enter override description if it is something else.  Also, give yourself CLUB RIGHTS!!!  Click SAVE at the bottom.
Make sure you go back and MODIFY the club contact to give CLUB RIGHTS and FORWARD PWD – check the boxes. Club rights will permit that person to go in and make changes.

A new message will appear with your email address and your NEWPIN – this is strictly your CLUB REP pin, so record it and keep it handy for when needed (or you can always request the pin be sent to you at the login!)
Now go back to the LOG IN, and enter your email address and your new PIN. You will have 4 options to choose from:
Edit Club information
Edit Club Contacts
Club field info
Club Schedule

Click on field info. A new page will appear with instructions. Print it so you may refer to it; but scroll down to the bottom to edit fields and directions – and click the link to edit fields.
On the next page, on the top, will be a GREEN tab – add new complex
Click on the link and on the new page, you will complete as field information as follows:
Under Complex Name – put in CLUB and field name. Be sure to add a specific street address for the field, or at least a street name. To the right, under individual fields, for 1., put in FIELD 1 – if you just put in “1”, the system won’t accept it, so you have to say FIELD in front of the number 1.
Fields should be listed as follows:
EACH FIELD LOCATION/ADDRESS IS SEPARATELY ENTERED AS A FIELD COMPLEX!  And for our administrative process, please add the name of your club in front of the field name.
Enter NAME OF COMPLEX – enter your CLUB NAME followed by the Complex name. If it is a park, enter the park name. An example would be:
Then add street address-i.e., 55 Grovers Mill Road, Plainsboro, NJ
For those complexes that do not have specific or official names, then follow with the street it is on. An example would be:
STROUDSBURG SC Shankweiller Rd
Then add the street address – i.e., 3557 Shankweiller Rd, Allentown, PA
Then at the bottom, enter 01 for the field – or field name if applicable; input if it is grass or turf, and click the button for yes or no if the field is lighted.
If ONE COMPLEX has multiple fields – then add field 01, field 02, field 03, etc with description of each surface.
REMEMBER, do NOT shortcut the field input information. DO NOT enter ONE FIELD COMPLEX and list all your fields from various site location addresses under one complex with no address or just town listed.  This is incorrect and creating a huge problem – which will only get worse for the assignors!  Doing it the correct way is absolutely necessary for referee assigning!
AGAIN, DO NOT ADD Multiple field addresses under ONE COMPLEX!!! And DO NOT put a link to your club site in place of the field address or as a direction! Copy and paste from your club site the field direction, and put in the text box on the complex site. DO NOT USE SHORT CUTS WHEN INPUTTING FIELD INFORMATION!!! 
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. The sooner teams enter field information, the sooner assignors can properly assign referees to the games.

TO update FIELD PERMITS and attach the fields to the club –
  1. Go to club reps on the left menu and on the page, find your club and click it. On the club page, go to the upper right and LOG IN to the club page with your CLUB ID and PIN.
  2. Click on CLUB HOME to be at the main page. There you should see on the left, Club administration, team administration, field info and club schedule.
  3. Click on field Info – scroll down to the bottom and click on MANAGE FIELD PERMITS
  4. Just below the tabs on the top of the page, click on the green box that says “Add a new Permit to this group”
  5. On the new page, click the drop down menu next to the box following Permit FIELD
  6. Scroll down to find your fields you have entered – alphabetically, and if done correctly, listed by your CLUB name first.
  7. For Permit Priority, you can check off all the days of the week, or just the weekends. We recommend all days in case you have any week day games for make up.
  8. You MUST put a date in “Permit Begins” and a date in “Permit Ends” – I recommend using 8/1/ of the current year (2011) for begins and two or 5 years later for permit ends (8/1/2016).
  9. For Start time and end time – you can be specific; however I usually only indicate an end time of 10 PM if there are lights on the field; and check of the box-end at dark – if no lights.
  10. You do not need to change the age group and gender unless you feel so compelled.
  11. Scroll to the bottom and click “SAVE”
You will return to the page, Add a field permit to this group – and you can add additional fields for your club.
Once done, click the tab – Club Home on the right to exit.