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Referee Quick Notes - MSSL - CJYSA or USCL Game Procedures 2013-14

NJYS Team Roster Affiliation GOT SOCCER
Procedures for 2014-2015 - please read the instructions carefully


Procedures for 2014-2015 - please read the instructions carefully - NJYS has NOT OPENED TEAM REGISTRATION FOR 2014/15 YET. Will OPEN AFTER AUGUST 1st!
The requirements of roster affiliation see to confusing for most teams and is the most important. NJYS rules require a team to be registered with a member league (CJYSA is a member league) in order to affiliate their roster with NJYS.  You no longer purchase passes from NJYS. Passes are available at no additional cost through the league.  However, each team does pay a fee for affiliating their roster with NJYS.  The fees do vary based upon the planned team particiation: small sided (U8, U9, U10), 8v8 (U11 & U12), full sided (U11, U12), or expanded roster (U13 on up).  

There are two steps each team must take in the process: 1) register with your league. We will cover multiple leagues last. 2) Register in the NJYS rostering event. IF your team plays in another league and declares that league as your primary league, you affiliate your NJYS roster with that league. DO NOT REGISTER WITH CJYSA as well. 

Teams registered MAPS Fall 2014 Registration – paid their fees for LEAGUE PLAY ONLY. The league is responsible for sending out player ID cards to the teams who have registered and declared on that registration that CJYSA is their primary league and paid the rostering affiliation fee to CJYSA.  After August 1st, teams will be able to roster in the NJYS rostering event.  The name of the event will be close to: NJYS - Central Jersey Youth Soccer 2014/2015. EACH SEASONAL YEAR, CLUBS MUST AFFILIATE WITH THE LEAGUES AS WELL! Clubs must affiliate with each league in which they have teams participating.
First Step: CLUB AFFILIATION WITH CJYSA under the NJYS rostering
When teams registered with our league, we required that they be attached to a club to save a 3rd step in the rostering process. Most teams did this, and correctly; but a few teams, in a hurry to register for the league, attached themselves to the wrong club. Those teams need to contact Got Soccer directly to remove the incorrect club listing.
First confirm with your club registrar that:
1. Your team is attached to the NJYS issued Got Soccer Club account (if not, provide the registrar with your Got Soccer user ID and pin for attaching)
2. Remind the club to register with the league under Got Soccer (if the club needs instructions, go to: http://www.cjysa.org/gamedaynotes/602491.html for instructions).
ITTHIRD STEP: Once club registration is complete, the team will SEARCH for the NJYS ROSTERING LINK:
Log into your team Got Soccer account. Click on EVENTS in the blue bar; then SEARCH EVENTS in the gray bar. To the right, under Name, type in NJYS - Central Jersey Youth Soccer 2014/2015 - or at least NJYS - and a listing of events should appear. Pick the event name for your primary league! For those teams declaring CJYSA as their primary league, choose the event with the matching name. Click on the name of the event and click "APPLY NOW."
2. You will be asked to Input your Got soccer user ID and pin again as a returning team (this means you have a Got Soccer team account)
3. All your team info carries over-you click "continue" 4-5 times through the windows and click "submit" on the last page and you have finish the application.
4. CJYSA will approve the application once it appears on the administrative side (checked twice a day). Once approved, you can finish the rostering process.
Now be sure to go into coaches first – on the gray line – and either:
1.Generate an ID for a volunteer coach, or
2.Search for available coaches for a non-volunteer coach (remember, non-volunteer coaches must go to the NJYS office to get a valid pass each year)
Then go back to your home page, and under Event Applications: Accepted
1.Find the Central Jersey Youth Soccer Registration event for 2013/2014
2.Click on “Roster” in the box of this event
3.Your roster page appears
4.Check that each coach has a pass number listed next to their name
5.Check that all players are properly listed and their birth dates are correctly noted
6.Click on “Freeze Roster” button
7.Below the Secondary Player button, a PDF icon will now appear that will say NJ Standard Roster next to it
8.This is your official roster that should be opened, printed at least 4 times and saved to your desktop. This goes to your DC for validation
9.Read the Instructions (marked in red below the coaches) “Important: Pre-printed card stock alignment – Click here to see how
10. Make the appropriate setting changes to your printer (NOTE: MAC users to date are not successful in setting the needed changes-use a PC)
11. Next to your roster icon, you will have the pages for printing the passes – now you can finish by printing your player passes
13. Take membership forms, medical releases, birth certificates, roster, and passes to your District Commissioner for validation
IF YOUR TEAM IS PRIMARY IN ANOTHER LEAGUE, you will register your NJYS roster with that league. DO NOT REGISTER WITH CJYSA AS WELL! You register only once in the NJYS system. Once your roster is validated by the DC, send a copy of the roster to Jan Yager: jan@mssl.org or 1-888-520-5663 (fax)
Please note: if you have out of state players on your roster, you must:
·Have them obtain a validated player pass from their state USYSA organization along with a permission to play on an out of state team
·In put that player pass number on Got Soccer and show the player’s state. They do NOT receive a NJYS pass number
·Bring that pass, along with all the other completed forms-out of state permission, NJYS membership form, birth certificate, medical release – to the DC with your other players information
·Hold that player pass with your other player passes as the valid player pass
Out of state teams follow a different process and must go to: http://www.cjysa.org/gamedaynotes/432332.html for complete information
Procedure & Season Quick Notes
Fall/Spring 2011-12

Remember, to be certified as having played your league games for state cup qualifying, game scores must be reported. USYSA affiliates will look at the public list of games to be sure games have been played.  The league expects both CJYSA and USCL games to be played as scheduled.



League registration, packet fees and bond payments are made through online, electronic registration.  Go to Team Annual Registration Information from the website main menu (left side of home page).  Fee and carding information will be posted.

Teams must send their age group coordinator the home phone, cells, and e-mail for coaches and managers of team. An updated contact sheet will be emailed to everyone in age group by coordinator upon completion.


NJ Teams MUST show CJYSA (#01) as their registered league on the NJYS roster, even if they participate in another NJYS league. We do not encourage participating in other leagues, as it severely limits a team’s availability for league scheduling, with all the other events-both soccer & family-that occur in any given season (state cup, tournaments etc).  Talk to the league administrator and scheduler if you are planning to play in two leagues.


Out of state teams should read our separate section for Out of State teams on the left menu and what they need to do. Any out of state team looking to qualify for USYSA National/State Cup through our league MUST follow the rules set forth, which require the purchase of an out of state roster packet from NJYS, completing it and having it validated PRIOR to the start of our league season. Failure to do so will result in your team not qualifying for your respective state cup and our games being recorded as forfeit wins for your opponents.

BEFORE THE SEASON BEGINS: Copies of ALL (both US Club and US Youth Soccer) NJ & out of state team rosters MUST be sent in for league records!  Email, fax or snail-mail. Send To:                               

Jan Yager
15 Shadyside Ave
Summit, NJ  07901-2110
FAX: 1-888-520-5663




Season Planning:

Schedules will be set up through the league central scheduler, with the input of age group coordinators (when available).  Teams are asked during the application period if they need CJYSA league games for USYSA state cup qualifying; what affiliation passes they hold; strength of the team; and finally the number of games and team availability dates. All of this information is taken into consideration when creating the custom schedule of games. It is important for teams to accurately complete their applications and make any necessary updates prior to scheduling.


All teams requiring USYSA state cup games are placed in qualifying groups and play each other in that qualifying group in accordance with governing body rules. These games are publicly displayed so USYSA affiliates can view the schedules and verify that teams have played their qualifying games. Teams are required to regularly update the game information and include all scores.


Additional games may be scheduled for teams under US Club or as MAFS (otherwise not qualifying nor US Club affiliated) which are only viewed by team managers/administrators when they log into their team page.


Teams have 2 weeks from the publication of the schedule to request any changes. The league will attempt to make those changes if they can be made without little disruption to the schedule. Not all changes will be honored. Teams must work within this two week period to set game dates with opponents and finalize their schedules on dates, locations and times.


If a team does not respond to requests for scheduling, home teams are advised to post a game time and location.  This must be done more than 7 days prior to the start date (optimally, within the first two weeks of the season). The opposing team must respond as to their availability within a week.  If they do not respond, the game will be considered set and agreed upon 7 days prior to the match. Teams will no longer be permitted to say they did not agree with the posted time. All teams have the ability to check their schedules regularly and should be aware of any changes or updates, as the schedule will show changes.


Certificates of Insurance:

Many towns/counties or private complexes require proof of insurance for teams to play on the fields.  You can obtain proof of insurance through a certificate of insurance.  These may be obtained from either NJYS or USCLUB - depending on what affiliation you are using for the games.  If you will be hosting games under both affiliations, then GET CERTIFICATES FROM BOTH ORGANIZATIONS! 


Season Dates:

Fall season will begin by the second week of September, with no league matches set by league any later than the weekend prior to Thanksgiving. This does not mean games cannot be played any later; only that the league stops scheduling regular match-ups as of that time.  Games may continue to be played throughout the winter. 

Spring season will begin in February/March (date to be set by the league board) and run through June 17th, 2012, even though league scheduled matches will end in May. The season closes one week to 10 days prior to regionals. 

The league administrator will work with the age group coordinators and respective age groups to set up schedules and any site games.  Games may be played earlier, i.e., January or February, if weather permitting and teams agree.


For U15-U19 teams, we have a single season that beings as early as November (after high school season ends for most) for those teams who wish to get games in early.  While we offer a fall season beginning September for those teams who do not have high school programs at that age, we will only schedule if we have 8 or more teams requesting to play. The offer is in the single season and can be fall only or full year; or keeping the late fall and/or spring programming.


Teams do not have to start early; they can opt to start in the spring and even pre-play games in January and February (schedule published by beginning of February for spring start; but MSSL games can be played earlier). The league will not schedule any league match-ups after the end of May-and may choose to end earlier. This does not mean teams cannot play or make up matches after that date. It just means the league will not set dates after that date. Teams may continue to play through June, but must finish their schedule one week prior to USYSA Regionals-the last week of June. For those not concerned with Regionals, matches may continue through the end of June.




Teams must have passes in order to play league games. All U11 and older NJ players must be carded to a NJYS team, and hold a valid NJYS pass, as per the league rules. It does not matter whether you are playing NJYS state cup or not- all U11 and older NJ players MUST be carded to a NJYS team for any team to play in our league.  This does not apply to U10 and younger teams who affiliate with US Club only and must have US Club passes to play USCL games. 


Teams playing CJYSA games (often referred to as "state cup qualifying games"), MUST use USYSA affiliate passes (NJYS, ENYYSA, EPYSA, DYSA, MYSA, etc) for those games. Any team using passes other than the USYSA affiliate passes for these games will be automatically charged with a forfeit on the official game report once the league is notified by the game official in his/her report and/or opposing team.


Games played under USCL should be played with both teams using US Club passes. If one team has does not carry US Club passes, then both teams shall use their USYSA passes, and the game will be designated MASF as a league friendly.


NJYS, has moved to an online electronic rostering that requires teams to have GOT SOCCER accounts and to enter their league as the event. This will require the league to approve the team as a registered member (meaning you have been approved and are paid), complete the team roster and get assigned pass numbers; have your district commissioner approve your passes -electronically - and then you print your passes on the paper that is provided in your pass packet the league sends to you (instructions for the process are in the packet as well). Teams will not be permitted to play league games until the team’s roster is approved and passes issued.

Out of state teams will also use the electronic system for completing their rosters, but just enter their current state association pass numbers into the system. Those teams will notify Lindsay Nappi at the NJYS office of the roster, and she will validate the roster. The complete process for out of state teams to obtain an out of state roster can be found under Roster Requirements for teams outside of New Jersey.



Forfeits or no shows will be charged at $250.00 per forfeit to each team.  In addition, the team who doesn’t show will also be charged the FULL referee fees and any field rental fees that the home team may have incurred.  Should a team be charged with a forfeit or no show, the team must replenish the bond to the $250 limit.  TEAMS CANNOT AGREE TO FORFEIT GAMES. Only the League may determine a forfeit based upon all information provided. Teams that are unable to reschedule matches may be charged with a forfeit, and be placed under league probation and possible expulsion.  The league is taking it seriously-if you sign up to play, you have an obligation to play. We are flexible in scheduling, but Games are NOT optional once the schedule is set!


Games shall not be cancelled within SEVEN (7) DAYS PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED GAME  unless weather/field issues arise the day of the game; or one of the teams has advanced to the next round in state cup competition.  Otherwise, any team cancelling within seven days prior to the scheduled match may find themselves sanctioned.  If a team cancels within 7 days of the scheduled date, the league may impose a forfeit fine of $250., which will be taken from the bond posted. The team will be required to replenish the bond before they can play future games.  In addition, the cancelling team will be responsible for the FULL referee fees incurred.

There are only TWO valid reasons for cancelling a league match - weather, making the field unplayable; or NJYS state cup (ONLY). NJYS requires NJYS state cup matches take precedence over league matches. US Club does not have this same requirement, therefore US Club state cup matches are NOT a valid reason for cancelling league games!

If two teams arrange a game within the seven day set/cancel period, and then for some reason cancel (other than weather or NJYS state cup), the cancelling team WILL be responsible for the FULL referee fees.  These fees MUST be paid to the assignor within 10 days. Otherwise, the league will take action against the offending team.
If a game is cancelled due to weather, the home team MUST notify the opposing team no less than 3 hours prior to the match-or at the earliest possible time (if game is at 8 AM, we do not expect a call to the opposing team at 5 AM, but certainly by 6 AM) being 6-7 AM.  In addition, the HOME TEAM or club field/referee assignor, MUST contact the REFEREE ASSIGNOR to let the assignor know for contacting the referees.  Referees are NOT PAID in this case.
If, upon arriving at a field for a game, the referee determines the field is unsafe/unplayable, the teams WILL pay the referee(s) their fee. The referees do not remain at the field. However, it is the responsibility of the home team to notify the next team on the field that the field has been deemed unplayable. The referees are only paid for the game in which they arrived and cancelled the game.


MSSL - CJYSA or USCL - offers flexibility with regard to game schedules to set dates most convenient for both teams. This only applies to the initial scheduling and does not mean teams can cancel games throughout the season because it no longer works well for players or coaches. Teams have 2 weeks from the publication of the schedule to request any changes. The league will attempt to make those changes if they can be made without little disruption to the schedule. Not all changes will be honored. Teams must work within this two week period to set game dates with opponents and finalize their schedules on dates, locations and times.  The initial game schedules will indicate weekend dates only.  These dates are suggested dates based upon the availability given by both teams prior to the start of the season.  If there is an issue with travel, the teams MUST contact the league administrator if there is an issue or concern - this must be done within the first two weeks of schedule publication.  

Game times are usually arranged by the home team through their respective club field assigners, but should be arranged based upon agreement with the visiting team that the time and date are acceptable.  The league policy is: Both teams MUST AGREE on the DAY, DATE and TIME of the match before it is considered a set match and CONFIRM IN WRITING! No home team shall set a time without the agreement of the away team more than 7 days prior to the date. However, there is an exception to that policy: If a team does not respond to requests for scheduling, home teams are advised to post a game time and location. This must be done more than 7 days prior to the game date (optimally, within the first two weeks of the season). The opposing team must respond as to their availability within a week. If they do not respond, the game will be considered set and agreed upon 7 days prior to the match. Teams will no longer be permitted to say they did not agree with the posted time. All teams have the ability to check their schedules regularly and should be aware of any changes or updates, as the schedule will show changes. Game dates may be changed by the participating teams ONLY by mutual agreement of the match teams. 
If mutually agreed upon by home and away team, the date may be changed. For example, a Sunday game may be played on Saturday, or Friday night, part of a round robin or a week night. There is no requirement that a scheduled game must be played on a Sunday. Teams and league shall work together and arrange central sites for games and/or round robins for the convenience of traveling teams.
If two teams arrange a game within the seven day set/cancel period, and then for some reason cancel (other than weather or state cup), the cancelling team WILL be responsible for the FULL referee fees.  These fees MUST be paid to the assignor within 10 days. Otherwise, the league will take action against the offending team. 


REMEMBER: Teams have 2 weeks from the publication of the schedule to request any changes. The league will attempt to make those changes if they can be made without little disruption to the schedule. Not all changes will be honored. Teams must work within this two week period to set game dates with opponents and finalize their schedules on dates, locations and times.
If a team does not respond to requests for scheduling, home teams are advised to post a game time and location. This must be done more than 7 days prior to the start date (optimally, within the first two weeks of the season). The opposing team must respond as to their availability within a week. If they do not respond, the game will be considered set and agreed upon 7 days prior to the match. Teams will no longer be permitted to say they did not agree with the posted time. All teams have the ability to check their schedules regularly and should be aware of any changes or updates, as the schedule will show changes.


NO TEAM MAY DROP AN OPPONENT FROM THEIR SCHEDULE and REPLACE WITH ANOTHER!!!!! Once the schedule is set by the league, you are expected to play that opponent.


Cancelled games must have a new reschedule date POSTED within two weeks of the cancelled date. Do not agree to wait to reschedule. Set a new date as soon as possible and get the game played. Waiting until the end of the season may mean the game never gets played.


League game lengths (CJYSA and USCL) are as below – and apply to single scheduled matches and multiple games on the same day:

  • U19/18/17 –  90 minutes (45 minute halves)

  • U16/15        80 minutes (40 minute halves)

  • U14/13        70 minutes (35 minute halves)

  • U12/11        60 minutes (30 minute halves)

  • U10/9          50 minutes (25 minute halves)
  • U8/7            50 minutes (25 minute halves)

GAME TIMES MAY BE LONGER – however, both teams must agree to the extended time before the game begins. 



Ref fees are split between both teams on the field.  Referees shall be paid by both teams before the game begins.


The recommended fees for each age group are: Game durations and the MAPS/MSSL referee fees will be the following for each Division. If the duration is longer for the division, the duration will be the overriding factor. Also, if the referee fee in the area is higher than the game card, the higher fee is paid. Each team pays one half of the referee fee. There is no overtime for League play.

Div 1 = U17-U19, 90 minutes, size 5 ball (Fee is $80 for center and $45 for ARs)
Div 2 = U15-U16, 80 minutes, size 5 ball (Fee is $70 for center and $40 for ARs)
Div 3 = U13-U14, 70 minutes, size 5 ball (Fee is $60 for center and $35 for ARs)
Div 4 = U11-U12, 60 minutes, size 4 ball (Fee is $50 for center and $30 for ARs)
Div 5 = U9-U10, 50 minutes, size 4 ball (Fee is $45 for center and $25 for ARs)
Div 6 = U8-U7, 50 minutes, size 4 ball (Fee is $45 for center and $25 for ARs)
PASSES - Rule is "No Pass, No Play"
US Club passes are permitted for USCL games which are cross over matches between flights (the responsibility is on the coaches, not the referee to monitor this distinction), played under USCL league (We permit the use of US Club passes in certain games to allow teams the roster flexibility it provides).
One team cannot mix its passes, meaning the player passes of one team cannot be of different governing bodies. They are either USYSA passes or US Club passes - this applies to all players and coaches of a given team. Under USCL, teams may play against teams with other affiliations, meaning, US Club may play against USYS, just as it can occur in tournament play. US Club does not discriminate against other USSF affiliate organizations and as a result permits teams to use different passes in league play. (In tournament play, USSF permits sanctioning bodies to approve and host open tournaments whereby one team is allowed to play under US Club passes and the opponent play under USYSA passes. MSSL tournaments permit the same.)
Teams are expected to shake hands at the end of the game with the referee observing the teams.


NOTE: teams should pay the prevailing rate for referees in any area, with the above fees being the average or usual fees.  If a club pays a higher fee, please pay the added fee. Advise us if the fee is substantially higher.  


GAME CARDS  - Instructions


Game Cards are found on each team page when the coach or manager logs into the team page (upper right corner of the team page). It will be found on the right side just below the “team’s official website”.
Only the Home team prints the game card before the match.
Go down to the schedule, highlight and copy (ctrl “C”) the game number next to the game you are looking to print.
Click Game Cards under Team Links.
Choose the appropriate age group (you will just see U9 first-scroll down the page for the other age groups).
1. Check the boxes in front of the two teams that will be playing.
2. Scroll down to the left, and select the following under game style, “Standard,”
“Produce One Game Card” and “Show Both Teams Rosters”.
3. Check off order by game #; and paste (Ctrl “V”) the game number in the box next to game code. Now click Produce Game cards.

4. A message will appear at the bottom of the page with both team’s names and "pending" next to each until it generates the game report and it appears.  If it doesn’t appear, then some information is not in the system. First thing to look at is on your home team page to be sure a field location has been input for the game.

Both team’s rosters along with jersey numbers will appear for both teams.
Should your team’s info be lacking, please enter it under your team page/roster.
If the opponent’s is missing, please help by contacting them and ask them to get it done so the game card can be printed.  
5. Finally, go to FILE on the top of your internet page, and click PRINT. The game report will print for you. 
 6. Give the game card to the referee prior to the start of the match for player check-in, along with referee payment



Once the season has begun, managers or coaches will log onto their team page and  post their game scores on the leagues’ website.  Only one team must post the score.  If there is a disagreement with the score posted, the coaches will defer to the league administrator, who will wait for the game card to lock the score.  Any questions as to reporting of forfeits is done by the league administrator.


REFEREES WILL BE REPORTING THE MATCH ELECTRONICALLY THIS YEAR. This will NOT replace the coach reporting the score; but is the official match report and will include scores, discipline, and behavior of coaches, players and fans.



All games must be assigned by a certified referee assigner!  We have a list of LEAGUE ASSIGNORS that you may use for assigning your MAPS games.  If you do not know an assigner or are unsure of the procedure for your team, contact Bob Mykulak, to coordinate ref assignments to your team. Bob Mykulak can be contacted at: bobm@mssl.org . Do this before the start of the season so Bob can help clarify your situation. The league has the final say as to the status of an assignor and if they are approved to assign for our league!


  • If a club is assigning the CJYSA or USCL along with games played through another league, the CJYSA or USCL games should be scheduled first or last on a field for the ease of the assigner and coordination with Bob Mykulak.

  • All assignors will be listed under the club pages so this generates automatic assigning for team games. Teams/clubs should NOT change this assignor without contacting the league administrator first (jan@mssl.org). Any assignor change must be done with the approval of the league first. The league MUST approve the assignor first, and then the assignor is updated in two areas under the league administration-not by the club or team. Not all assignors are approved for our league.

  • Assignors will be required to register with our league and enter assignments electronically through our system. This will ensure referees are assigned to our league matches and the referees then have the access to report league scores electronically.



Secondary carded players are permitted-for NJ teams only (sorry, NJYS does not permit out of state teams to have secondary carded players), with a maximum of 3 per team; guest players are NOT permitted in league play. 


Note that US Club Soccer policies permit movement of players onto rosters with a bit greater facility than other organizations, and teams are free to avail themselves of these policies, provided that a player is properly rostered to a team by the team the game-day roster is printed.

This rule is a NJYS rule that requires any transfer player (during a seasonal year fall/spring) to sit 3 games as of the date the DC validates his/her addition to a team.  CJYSA, as part of a member league, is required to enforce this NJYS rule.  That means, any player added to a NJYS roster, must sit three CJYSA games. Once the player has sat out the three games, they can participate in the team’s next scheduled CJYSA games.  Since neither USCL nor Region 1 matches are sanctioned by NJYSA, these games cannot be used to satisfy the NJYSA requirement to sit out three matches before playing again in a NJYSA sanctioned match.

No pass, no play.  There are no acceptable substitute passes. All passes on both teams must be from the same governing body.  The player simply can’t play until either the original pass is found or a replacement pass is obtained.  The same logic applies to a lost US Club pass.

Without getting involved in onerous detail, let it be noted that insurance concerns are involved, besides the issues involved with unrelated soccer governing bodies. JUST DON’T DO IT!


League Provided Central Site games: you may request to play certain games/weekends at central sites arranged and provided by the league.  There is a fee associated with central site matches at league arranged sites - usually $25-$35 per game per day. The cost will vary, depending on the site, however the fee does not  usually include referee fees. We will advise you if it is different and the fee includes referee fees for that date or whether you pay those to the referee at site. 

The league will be setting up central registering for site games, so teams will pay the fees in advance. Both teams scheduled to play would be required to register on the website. More information on that process will follow.  Teams would not request or register for central site games until after schedules are published. 


In spirit, the league is all about development and not winning.  We want the players to develop a love of the game and grow as a result of the high level of competition that MSSL provides and the grass roots spirit of the community based soccer. Focusing on game results detracts from this objective.  MSSL emphasizes this philosophy at all levels and we should too. While the league is moving to the reporting of scores and standings (primarily to address concerns of teams for tournament record purposes and to comply with NJYS requirements to post schedules and game scores), we shall still continue to request that folks refrain from posting game results or incidents on forum sites and encourage your parents to also refrain.  The game belongs to the kids, let it remain with them.

Call (or e-mail) the league administrator/scheduler anytime with questions or problems.


The rules guiding discipline are league wide rules and thus do not differ for the divisions. 

What that means is that if a player receives a one game suspension the player must serve that suspension in the next league game that the player is otherwise eligible to participate in.


NJYS 2012-2013 State Cup Registration
Teams will register Electronically - with instructions on the NJYS website - www.njyouthsoccer.com

Per Jerry Hafycz, Chair of the NJYS State Cup Committee:

The Cup Registration form is on-line and can be accessed at this time by going into FAQ’s under the National Championship Series on the NJyouthsoccer.com homepage.
There is a link which takes you to GotSoccer to register the team for Cup.  Go to: http://www.njyouthsoccer.com/clubsite/events.aspx for complete registration information
Out of State Team Rostering under USYSA
out of state teams must follow procedures outlined when using USYSA state passes
 Out of State teams need to have player passes with an USYSA or US CLUB affiliation. With our league, teams domiciled outside of NJ may choose to affiliate with their in-state USYSA (i.e., CT-CYSA, E.PA-EPYSA, E.NY-ENYYSA, DE-DYSA) or US CLUB (national passes) or both.
Out of state team wishing to use USYSA passes, MUST affiliate their USYSA state roster with NJYS to play in our league (as required under USYSA rules regarding out of state travel etc). This includes teams who wish to use our CJYSA league as a qualifying league for their National Cup Series State Cup. NJYS charges a fee of $100 per team to affiliate with the NJYS state association.
By this affiliation, you are subject to NJYS rostering rules and must abide by those rostering rules in order to receive a validated NJYS out of state roster.
NJYS rostering rules:
a. Teams interested in 8v8 Cup qualifying: U11-U12 teams may choose to play 8v8 and roster a maximum of 14 active players; with no more than 18 total players rostered during a seasonal year (Fall & Spring). Your USYSA state roster must match identical to the NJYS roster. This means your USYSA state cup and state roster must be identical. You are not permitted secondary carded players on your roster.
b. Teams interested in 11v11 Cup qualifying: U11-U12 teams play 11 v. 11, and roster a maximum of 18 active players; with no more than 24 total players rostered during a seasonal year (Fall & Spring). Your state roster must match identical to the NJYS roster - meaning your state cup roster must match your out of state roster (NJYS does not recognize two rosters-your league roster is your state cup roster). You cannot roster 20 on your state roster; you can roster no more than 18 at any given time. You are not permitted secondary carded players on your roster.
c. U13 through U19 teams play 11 v. 11 and may roster a maximum of 22 active players; but may only bring 18 dressed players for a match. NJYS limits the total roster slots to 28 during a seasonal year.
CJYSA does not offer Cup qualifying for teams younger than U11.

When registering with CJYSA, Do NOT purchase a NJYS pass packet. You will purchase the out of state affiliation directly from NJYS. This roster must be completed, and validated by NJYS - PRIOR to the start of our league season or your first league game. Failure to do so will result in your team being disqualified for your state cup and all CJYSA games will be declared forfeit wins for your opponents.  Please note: EDP teams, through an agreement with CJYSA, play a CJYSA schedule in compliance with USYSA state cup rules. The listed league for permission to play in an out of state league is CJYSA.
NJYS Non-NJ roster compliance process for non-NJ teams wishing to use USYSA passes for NJ league play and/or State Cup qualifying:
What NJYS needs from an out of state team to process and validate an out of state roster:
a.                A completed NJYS out of state club registration form to issue a NEW Got Soccer club account affiliated with NJYS; link here
b.                Valid USYSA state roster from your own state
c.                 Completed permission to play in out of state form
d.                $100 check payable to NJYS
While a team is finalizing their own home state USYSA roster, they should complete the NJYS out of state club registration form and send that in with the $100 check to NJYS office. NJYS will wait for the roster and permission form as well as the out of state roster that is completed (below) for the process to be completed and validated.
569 Abbington Dr, Suite 5
East Windsor, NJ 08520
Remember to have your state association complete the permission to play in an out of state league form and give to you when they give you your validated roster.
Submit the NJYS form for out of state clubs with updated club information. NJYS will approve your club and activate and send you the Got Soccer user ID and pin they assign (for returning clubs, it is usually the same as you had for this last year-but it just needs to be activated). 
Send (or email) the information to NJYS-address below. In addition, you must send in a copy of your US Youth Soccer roster and the validated permission to play in an out of state league form and a $100 check for your team’s out of state affiliation (this is a per team charge, not per club).
Upon receipt of the NJYS out of state club registration form, NJYS will contact the team/club contact listed on the registration with the new user ID & pin for the NEW Got Soccer club account. Please note this is may be a second Got Soccer Club account-especially if your state association is using Got Soccer for your own state rostering. This is often the most confusing part of the process. You do NOT use the existing account; you MUST use the new account that NJYS establishes under the NJYS access.

Log into the NJYS club account and attach the team to the NJYS Got Soccer Club account by “importing the team” to the account (for returning teams, it may already be there, so once activated, you can check that first) using the import function under Got Soccer, or create a new team account if one does not already exist. Under the Club account, the team’s roster ID and coach’s ID numbers must be entered (this cannot be done under the team account).

Club account must affiliate with our Central Jersey Youth Soccer under the club account (from the home tab, click on Events in the blue bar; then click on Search Events in the gray bar; fill in the event as follows: "NJYS - Central Jersey Youth Soccer 2014/2015" and click go. When the event appears, click on it, and apply now; apply without a team, and it is done). AFTER AUGUST 1st – NJYS will open the roster registration event. You will log into the club account, click on EVENTS and then SEARCH EVENTS. Type in the name of the NJYS rostering event for 2014-2015: NJYS – CENTRAL JERSEY YOUTH SOCCER 2014-2015 (it may be slightly different-so type in NJYS and look for CENTRAL JERSEY YOUTH SOCCER in the listing as well as 2014-2015)

You will then make sure all of your players are listed on the roster and all of the player USYSA ID numbers are listed as well under the team or club account. Also be sure all the coaches ID numbers are listed and the team’s roster ID is also included (these can only be added/edited from the club account).

The league must print your roster (please send an email requesting it to be printed). Please send an email to jan@mssl.org when the steps above are completed-including all the player and coach IDs and roster ID.  We send the roster back to you in the email as well as Lindsey in the NJYS office.  You verify that it is identical to your USYSA roster and Lindsey also reviews. If all is in order, Lindsey validates the out of state roster and sends back to you and the league by email.

Keep in mind that NJYS does not open the rostering event until after August 1, so you cannot affiliate your roster until after that date. However, you can register your club with NJYS and send in all required fees in advance.

Once you receive the validated roster, if you see a copy was not sent to the league, please send on to:
email: jan@mssl.org (1st preferred)
fax: 888-520-5663 (2nd preferred)
The league must have your validated roster prior to the state of league games.
While we have the roster under Got Soccer, we do not have the validated roster and why it must be sent to us.
You should be completing the out of state roster if you are using USYSA passes for league play. Even if you are not using our league games for state cup qualifying, NJYS rules have always required out of state teams to have NJ out of state rosters.
Any questions about the Got Soccer process should be directed to NJYS @ (609) 490-0725
2014-2015 NJYS Rostering

2014-2015 Procedures for getting NJYS Passes and Roster Registration on Got Soccer through League Affiliation

NJYS continues to update their process and 2014-2015 has some changes in the rostering process.
Specific instructions and steps are found by topic in the left menu:
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Out of State teams obtaining their NJYS out of state roster
Secondary Carding instructions
Transfer rules - updated as of 2013
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