U07 through U12 teams


1.       Club or team goes to www.usclubsoccer.com ; click the green menu tab on top called REGISTRATION; click “Apply Now” on the drop down menu bar – and will be at the registration page.

2.       Have 5 choices for registration – 2 of which are most applicable for a travel team using the passes in league play: CLUB (use this if you plan to register 3 or more teams with USCLUB) & LEAGUE TEAM (use this if you are an individual team looking to register & need a league affiliate)

3.       When you chose league team – the league name scroll down tab will darken, and you can scroll down to KATS OR CJYSA/MAPS

·          In the drop down menu list of member leagues, find MSSL-MAPS (CJYSA-NJ) or KATS and click to insert. We prefer you use the MSSL-MAPS, so you can continue registering with us under US CLUB as your team gets older.

·          Complete all fields – be sure to list yourself as contact if you are expecting to enter your team roster.  The password comes back to the contact listed

·          Be sure to indicate the number of players in each age class – U9 and below; U9-U11; and U12-U19.  If there are no players in that particular age group, be sure to put in “0”.

4.       Contact Jan Yager, KATS Administrator, jan@mssl.org, advising you have submitted application for approval. 

5.       Once approved, a password is sent via email registered as club/contact.  This password, along with your email address (user name) will allow access to the member’s only website. 

6.       League (CJYSA) monitors registrants and informs USCS of any improper registrants, but USCS takes no action unless informed by the league.  If your club is already a member, you will be rejected, and advised to contact the club registrar to get your team registered.



Teams are responsible for registering coaches and players online. 

After receiving your password, go to www.usclubsoccer.com and enter your email address and password in the upper right corner.  You will then enter your club site.  You will enter information as follows:

·          Enter STAFF first – for each coach; assistant coach and team manager - under Staff/Cards

·          Enter TEAM information second - under add/view teams

·          Enter PLAYERS third – under add/view players – you may add the players’ birth certificate directly to the site if you have a scanner to scan the BC’s into your computer.  This saves a lot of time in delivery of the passes to you.  You will note the box that indicates “BROWSE” next to it to locate the file on your computer.

·          Print off a copy of your roster - under view team rosters

·          Lastly, you must request the player cards – under Player Cards/Release – validate the information (check box) and check two of the three boxes in front of each player (medical release & birth certificate-2nd & 3rd box in front of each name-NOT release) and check the box at the bottom in red requesting the passes be sent electronically.


Submit a printed roster to USCS along with the birth certificates, coach risk management forms and check.  Passes are processed and sent to the club electronically for printing.  The following must be completed before passes are sent!


·          USCLUB must be paid for passes - $16. per player; $10. per coach  ($12 for U10 and younger).  You must pay by credit card.  

·          Birth certificates may be individually scanned on the USCLUB site for players or they can also be mailed copies. Send to Sharon Young at US Club Soccer, 716 8th Avenue North Myrtle Beach, SC  29577Be sure to send along a copy of the team roster for referencing player information by USCLUB if you are sending them in.  The information is needed for processing your request

·          Be sure to request a copy of your roster be sent to the league for approval.  Be sure to include ALL players (up to 26)

·          Club/team has each player complete the R0002 form (registration and medical release).  Club/team MUST retain this form to produce upon request.

·          Coaching staff MUST COMPLETE RISK MANAGEMENT QUESTIONAIRE ON LINE (coach goes to main  US Club website, and follows instructions for registering and completing the risk management form.  Cards will NOT be issued for coaches without a completed back round check done by US Club.  Registrar should register coach even if they are already coaching with another club. If coaching multiple teams in the same club, need only one pass. 


USCLUB must give final approval on cards.  USCS reviews information, notifies the league registrar who will either send passes to the club/team registrar or print the passes for team pick up.  Those teams wishing to print their own passes, please use Avery card #8471/#8371.  Team affixes picture, and cards should be submitted to league for stamping.  Please note, players are no longer required to sign the passes.

League gives final approval on cards and stamps passes.  Passes MUST BE LAMINATED after they are stamped.



·          Team manages player database online; prints rosters, sanctioning forms, etc. as needed.  Players can be moved between teams, subject to any league roster rules.

·          Temporary cards will not be issued by USCS anymore with our new system.  Until the player is issued a card they are NOT covered by USCS insurance!

·          To complete a drop/add, the player must first be released online by team #1, and thereafter registered online by team #2.  The old player card must be submitted to team #1’s league.

·          For league play, roster rules (roster freeze date, primary/secondary league etc) are controlled by the league. 

·          Custom teams and rosters can be created online and printed for out-of-league tournament play.  No other roster approval is required

·          All other forms, requests for insurance certificates, etc. are available online at the USCS website.



1.       A team may roster 26 active players. 

2.       However, cannot have more than 18 players present for games. 

3.       Online, move players who are not playing to “open” and limit roster to 18 for games.

4.       Print off roster each week of players for games and submit to referee with game card – create game card roster label to affix to game card.

5.       All games played with USCLUB passes will be played as MSSL league games.