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Procedures for 2015-2016 - please read the instructions carefully


Procedures for 2015-2016 - please read the instructions carefully - NJYS has NOT OPENED TEAM REGISTRATION FOR 2015/16 YET. Will OPEN AFTER AUGUST 1st!
The requirements of roster affiliation see to remain confusing for most teams and yet, is the most important component of team registration. Teams must register with the youth organization affiliations in order to get insurance for the players and player passes - which are required to play in a league.  You will often hear: No PASS, No PLAY. So following the steps to roster your team for NJYS affiliation membership as well as US CLUB, are very important to understand.
NJYS rules require a team to be registered with a member league (CJYSA is a member league) in order to affiliate their roster with NJYS.  You no longer purchase passes from NJYS. Passes are available at no additional cost through the league.  However, each team does pay a fee for affiliating their roster with NJYS and through the NJYS event associated with the primary league in which they play (CJYSA, MNJYS, MCYSA, MOSA, SJSL, JAGS, for example).  The fees do vary based upon the planned team particiation: small sided (U8, U9, U10), 8v8 (U11 & U12), full sided (U11, U12), or expanded roster (U13 on up).  

There are two steps each team must take in the process: 1) register with your league for league play. Those teams playing in more than one NJYS affiliated league will be covered last in this discussion. 2) Register in the NJYS rostering event. IF your team plays in another league and declares that league as your primary league, you affiliate your NJYS roster with that league. DO NOT REGISTER WITH CJYSA as well. 

Teams registered MAPS Fall 2015 Registration – paid their fees for LEAGUE PLAY as well as NJYS rostering. But paying the fee to the league does not mean the team has fulfilled the obligation of registering their roster. The league is responsible for sending out player ID cards to the teams who have registered and declared on that registration that CJYSA is their primary league and paid the rostering affiliation fee to CJYSA.  After August 1st, teams will be able to roster in the NJYS rostering event.  The name of the event will be close to: NJYS - Central Jersey Youth Soccer Registration 2015/2016. EACH SEASONAL YEAR, CLUBS MUST AFFILIATE WITH THE LEAGUES AS WELL! Clubs must affiliate with each league in which they have teams participating. This is a second affiliation and different from their club renewal with NJYS they do from the NJYS website.
First Step: CLUB AFFILIATION WITH CJYSA under the NJYS rostering
When teams registered with our league, we required that they be attached to a club to save a 3rd step in the rostering process. Most teams did this, and correctly; but a few teams, in a hurry to register for the league, attached themselves to the wrong club. Those teams need to contact Got Soccer directly to remove the incorrect club listing.
First confirm with your club registrar that:
1. Your team is attached to the NJYS issued Got Soccer Club account (if not, provide the registrar with your Got Soccer user ID and pin for attaching)
2. Remind the club to register with the league under Got Soccer (if the club needs instructions, go to: http://www.cjysa.org/gamedaynotes/602491.html for instructions).
ITHIRD STEP: Once club registration is complete, the team will SEARCH for the NJYS ROSTERING LINK:
Log into your team Got Soccer account. Click on EVENTS in the blue bar; then SEARCH EVENTS in the gray bar. To the right, under Name, type in NJYS - Central Jersey Youth Soccer 2014/2015 - or at least NJYS - and a listing of events should appear. Pick the event name for your primary league! For those teams declaring CJYSA as their primary league, choose the event with the matching name. Click on the name of the event and click "APPLY NOW."
NJYS 2014/15 Rostering Event: NJYS-Central Jersey Youth Soccer Registration 2015/16
2. You will be asked to Input your Got soccer user ID and pin again as a returning team (this means you have a Got Soccer team account)
3. All your team info carries over-you click "continue" 4-5 times through the windows and click "submit" on the last page and you have finish the application.
4. CJYSA will approve the application once it appears on the administrative side (checked twice a day). Once approved, you can finish the rostering process.
Now be sure to go into coaches first – on the gray line – and either:
1.Generate an ID for a volunteer coach, or
2.Search for available coaches for a non-volunteer coach (remember, non-volunteer coaches must go to the NJYS office to get a valid pass each year)
Then go back to your home page, and under Event Applications: Accepted
1.Find the Central Jersey Youth Soccer Registration event for 2013/2014
2.Click on “Roster” in the box of this event
3.Your roster page appears
4.Check that each coach has a pass number listed next to their name
5.Check that all players are properly listed and their birth dates are correctly noted
6.Click on “Freeze Roster” button
7.Below the Secondary Player button, a PDF icon will now appear that will say NJ Standard Roster next to it
8.This is your official roster that should be opened, printed at least 4 times and saved to your desktop. This goes to your DC for validation
9.Read the Instructions (marked in red below the coaches) “Important: Pre-printed card stock alignment – Click here to see how
10. Make the appropriate setting changes to your printer (NOTE: MAC users to date are not successful in setting the needed changes-use a PC)
11. Next to your roster icon, you will have the pages for printing the passes – now you can finish by printing your player passes
13. Take membership forms, medical releases, birth certificates, roster, and passes to your District Commissioner for validation
IF YOUR TEAM IS PRIMARY IN ANOTHER LEAGUE, you will register your NJYS roster with that league. DO NOT REGISTER WITH CJYSA AS WELL! You register only once in the NJYS system. Once your roster is validated by the DC, send a copy of the roster to Jan Yager: jan@mssl.org or 1-888-520-5663 (fax)
Please note: if you have out of state players on your roster, you must:
·Have them obtain a validated player pass from their state USYSA organization along with a permission to play on an out of state team
·In put that player pass number on Got Soccer and show the player’s state. They do NOT receive a NJYS pass number
·Bring that pass, along with all the other completed forms-out of state permission, NJYS membership form, birth certificate, medical release – to the DC with your other players information
·Hold that player pass with your other player passes as the valid player pass
Out of state teams follow a different process and must go to: http://www.cjysa.org/gamedaynotes/432332.html for complete information