Games Shall NOT be cancelled within the 7 days prior to the scheduled match-except for weather or NJYS state cup; except, both teams must first agree on the day, date & time for the match
Games shall not be cancelled within SEVEN (7) DAYS PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED GAME unless weather/field issues arise the day of the game; or one of the teams has advanced to the next round in state cup competition. Otherwise, any team cancelling within seven days prior to the scheduled match will find themselves sanctioned. When a team cancels (or postpones) a scheduled match within 7 days of the scheduled date, the league will impose a late cancellation fine of $250., which will be charged to their credit card or bank account on file immediately.  In addition, the cancelling team will be responsible for, and so charged with the fine: the FULL referee fees incurred, assignor fees and any field rental fees the home team may have been required to pay to secure the field.
If the home team is the team cancelling/postponing within the seven day lock period, the home team will be charged the fees as noted above, and in addition will lose the home field advantage. The away team will be designated the home team for the rescheduled match. If the two teams do not reschedule the match, and there is documentation of due diligence to try to reschedule, the league will post a forfeit against the late cancelling team and the team will be fined the additional $250 forfeit fine.
A game is considered set when both teams agree to the game date and time more than 7 days prior to the game date. Additionally, a game is considered set when the home team posts a date and time and the opposing team does not respond to the game date and time shown on the league website within 4 days of the posted date. The away team's silence is considered approval of the game date and time.  Teams will not have the excuse that "the game was not agreed upon" for not showing up or late cancelling the match. Teams must monitor their team pages for chats, messages and game date/time postings.
If two teams arrange a game within the seven day set/cancel period, and then for some reason cancel (other than weather or NJYS state cup), the cancelling team WILL be responsible for the FULL referee fees. These fees MUST be paid to the assignor within 10 days. Otherwise, the league will take action against the offending team.
There are only THREE valid reasons for cancelling a league match - weather, field unplayable due to weather; or NJYS (USYSA) state cup (ONLY). USYSA requires all state cup matches take precedence over league matches (NJYS, EPYSA, DYSA, ENYYSA etc). US Club does not have this same requirement, therefore US Club state cup matches are NOT a valid reason for cancelling league games!
Cancelled games must have a reschedule date posted within two weeks of the original date. Do not agree to wait to reschedule. Get the game played. Waiting until the end of the season may mean the game never gets played.
Forfeits are team “no shows”. The team that does not appear for a scheduled match will be charged $250.00 for the forfeit. In addition, the team who doesn’t show will also be charged the FULL referee fees, assignor fees and any field rental fees that the home team may have incurred. The charges will be charged to the credit card or bank account on file immediately.
Should a team be charged with a forfeit or no show, the team must replenish the bond to the $250 limit. TEAMS CANNOT AGREE TO FORFEIT GAMES. Only the League may determine a forfeit based upon all information provided. Teams that are unable to reschedule matches may be charged with a forfeit, and be placed under league probation and possible expulsion. The league is taking it seriously-if you sign up to play, you have an obligation to play. We are flexible in scheduling, but whether to play the games is NOT optional once the schedule is set!
If a game is cancelled due to weather, the home team MUST notify the opposing team no less than 3 hours prior to the match-or at the earliest possible time (if game is at 8 AM, we do not expect a call to the opposing team at 5 AM, but certainly by 6 AM) being 6-7 AM. In addition, the HOME TEAM or club field/referee assignor MUST contact the REFEREE ASSIGNOR to let the assignor know for contacting the referees. Referees are NOT PAID in this case.
If the game is not cancelled, both teams are expected to show up at the field no matter what the weather condition. Any decision on the game being played will be determined by the referee at the field prior to the start of the match.
If, upon arriving at a field for a game, the referee determines the field is unsafe/unplayable, the teams WILL pay the referee(s) their fee. The referees do not remain at the field. However, it is the responsibility of the home team to notify the next team on the field that the field has been deemed unplayable. The referees are only paid for the game in which they arrived and cancelled the game. This is not a forfeit on the home team, nor does this mean the away now becomes the home team for the rescheduled match.  Home team remains the same and both teams must set a new match date within two weeks of the cancellation.