How do I Edit Game times/dates/fields under the Got Soccer System?
Follow these steps


Steps for Editing a game date/time or field in Got Soccer:
1.    Log into your team Got Soccer team account
2.    Choose the event from the RIGHT side under Team registration History (do not use league scheduling tasks on lower left)
3.    Click on the tab – Schedule
4.    You will see request and Chat to the right of each game. That means request a date/time to the other team; and CHAT is to email the other team contacts and find out the names/emails/phone numbers. It is a direct team to team email system
5.    To EDIT the game: on this same page, click on the DATE of the game
6.    Takes you to a CHART VIEW. But instead, click the LIST view tab right next to it.
7.    Looks like it’s taking you back to the same page as earlier, except instead of request and chat you now see EDIT button
8.    Click EDIT button, and a popup box appears that permits you to change the game time game date and field. If your field is NOT listed in the drop down, then a step might have been missed when loading the field under the club account under facilities.
9.  You must enter a game time and game date for the field to be assigned.
NOTE: teams cannot ADD new games to their schedule. If a team has added a match, they must send an email to Bill - bill@mssl.org - and the game will be added to the system. Be sure to contact your assignor with the added match.