How do I get my US Club Roster to appear on the Game Cards for USCL under Got Soccer & print the game card?
Follow these steps


Step 1: Log into your Got Soccer Team account
Under ROSTER in the gray bar, click on each player’s last name and manually type in the US CLUB ID # in the box provided below the "PLAYER ID #" which is reserved for the NJYS/USYSA pass number. Follow for each player. Once completed, return to your Got Soccer team HOME PAGE (blue bar)
Return to your home page by clicking on HOME in the blue bar
Step 2: On the right side, look at your team Event Registration History and CLICK on the name of the MAPS LEAGUE EVENT – MAPS League Registration Fall 2014 or MAPS League Registration Spring 2015
Step 3: Under first tab, TEAM, and under the first section, Application Information, Drop Down next to Player ID Numbers, change from Default to US CLUB
Step 4: Click SAVE button, just above the confirmation #.
Step 5: Return to your team home page
Step 6: Under EVENT REGISTRATION HISTORY TABLE, click the link that lines up for USCL MAPS LEAGUE EVENT and the column that says ROSTER.
Step 7: If no player list appears, in the 3rd box – Roster Creator – Import Players from: leave as select an existing roster – and to the right, click “Generate Roster”
Step 8: Your player list of players will appear, and now with the listed US Club ID numbers.
Step 9: If you have more than 18 US Club players on your roster, you will find the additional players listed below under the full player list. You will have to “deactivate” players from the top list – week to week – when they are not playing with your team, and click add from the Full Player list below, any players that will play that week.
Got Soccer limits your game roster to 18, so you will need to update it weekly for games.
You can check that your roster is now listed by clicking on the tab that says SCHEDULE, then click the number in the gray box to the left of the first game, and view your game card. If you see the US Club numbers there, you are all set.
You can print your game card the day before the game if all is in order.
REMEMBER: Of course, for this all to work, each team MUST manually type in the player’s US Club ID numbers to each player – under ROSTER in the gray bar. US CLUB ID# is right below the PLAYER ID# (which is reserved for the USYSA pass numbers). This can only be accessed via the TEAM Got Soccer Account.
Once you complete these instructions, you then go to ROSTER up in the gray bar of your team home page. Then in the drop down, VIEW BY EVENT, change to MAPS SPRING 2016 LEAGUE registration. The system should generate over to view by US Club numbers. If it promulgates without player list, then just click GENERATE ROSTER in the third box  - do not take from anywhere – just click the blue button to generate the roster and the roster will appear. If you typed in all the player US Club ID’s – then they will appear and this carries over to the game card.