How do I migrate my NJYS roster to appear on my CJYSA game card?
Follow these steps


Teams print the Game Cards for their upcoming league games directly from their team pages.

1. Teams login into their accounts at
2. The teams click league event (CJYSA MAPS or USCL MAPS) displayed on the Main Menu page under EVENT HISTORY
3. Next, click onto the Schedule tab
4. To print the game cards the team must click on the Game Number and the game card appears in a pop up box. Print it, and bring to the game with your NJYS or USCL passes-depending on the affiliation of the match. Each team brings a game card.
Migrating the NJYS roster to the game cards for CJYSA LEAGUE GAMES:
1.You will need to carry over your NJYS roster to appear in your game card for spring season. Below are the instructions for migrating your NJYS roster to your game card. THIS APPLIES ONLY TO YOUR NJYS ROSTER!! 
1.Log into Got Soccer team account
2.Click on ‘roster’ in the gray bar
3.At top of page, see, “View by Event” – click on the drop down bar arrow to the event you want (i.e., CJYSA Fall 2013 Schedule)
4.The page will refresh, and you will now have added boxes
5.Under Roster Creator – Import Players from: and from the drop down, pick NJYS-CENTRAL JERSEY YOUTH SOCCER REGISTRATION  2013/2014 (for CJYSA league ONLY to get the NJYS pass numbers) and click COPY.
6.This will generate the proper pass numbers for the game report for games under CJYSA
7.Then you can click on the game card above or go back to the schedule under the league game event and your roster will appear.