for U7 and U8 players
KATS - Kids Alliance of Travel Soccer - was created to permit U7 and U8 players the opportunity to play soccer on "travel" teams.  KATS is affiliated with US CLUB Soccer ONLY and as such requires all KATS players be members (carded) of/with US CLUB Soccer.  Information regarding membership registration is located to on the left menu on this page. 
KATS does not keep records of the games.  The league holds festivals in the fall and spring at central locations and invite in other U7 and U8 teams to participate in fun filled family days of soccer and great food at one location.  By holding membership in US Club Soccer, these teams can also play in festivals with teams just across our state borders in PA - which for many teams is closer than teams around the state!
Based upon the teams registered, we do look to group teams geographically to reduce team travel at this age.  If there are enough girls teams registered, we will separate the girls teams from the boys/coed teams.  Team registration cost per season is $110. for an 8 game season.  Teams wishing to play two seasons, must register for each season at the appropriate registration time.
Teams play 8 v 8 players on the field
Field size is 70’x40’ minimum to 80’x50’ maximum
Goal size: 7’ x 18’ 
Field dimensions diagram
Questions should be referred to Jan Yager
For information on how to register with US Club, click here