US CLUB team Registration

All registered MAPS league teams - U7-U19 - will register their players under US Club Soccer for player passes.  Use the instructions found on this page, under site contents, to register your team and players.  All teams will receive USCL league games.

All U7 thru U10 teams play under USCL and participate using US Club Soccer player passes ONLY.  Teams may use the instructions found on this page, under site contents, to register your team and players. 

 All U11-U19 teams must also hold US Club passes for USCL matches in addition to USYSA passes for CJYSA matches. 


Information on registering your team or club with US Club Soccer may be found here: US Club Soccer registration

TEAMS and clubs may register as LEAGUE TEAMS - under our league affiliation - and are not charged a Deposit.  LEAGUE TEAMS pay only for the cost of passes as requested ordered.  This is the most reasonable cost for the majority of our teams.  Once a club has 3 or more teams registered with US CLUB, they can change over to a club membership with no additional fees charged.  

For club and academy members that make an initial $1,000 deposit, these monies are used for initial player registration until exhausted. A LEAGUE TEAM (which is another form of club registration, but through the league affiliation) does not require a $1000 deposit and permits a club to register a single team for just the cost of the passes.

Thereafter, fees are paid by credit card at the time the passcards are requested, or if pre-approved, members may make a deposit that is drawn down upon. Your registrar can elect for all club teams to pay with the same credit card, or have each team pay fees separately. Payment methods for some leagues and rec programs may vary slightly, and will be discussed with the new member.

All members’ players and staff are covered by the US Club Soccer liability and secondary medical policy. Please click for more insurance information.

Only new clubs and academies pay a $1,000 deposit at the time of application.  While this deposit is non-refundable, these are not membership dues. This deposit is credited against their initial player and staff registration fees.  League teams, rec programs, and state cup teams do not pay an initial deposit, but rather pay by credit card as they register their players and staff.

It’s important to note that there are no other fees for membership in US Club Soccer—no league or tournament sanctioning fees, no per team fees, no player transfer or other fees, or other administrative fees or surcharges for travel, etc. 

The registration year is the same as most other youth soccer organizations — August 1 to July 31.  




Fees are as follows for the 2015-16 registration year:



Players (U-11 and below)  $18/player
Players (U-12 through U-19)  $24/player
Staff (two-year passcard)  $25/staff member
Rec players (youth only; no cards)  $10/player
Super rec players  $12/player
Staff REC (non-carded)  $5/staff member



The registration fee is all-inclusive and includes general liability and secondary medical. Fees for registering coaches and other staff include the cost of risk management checks. Each competitive coach or manager with direct contact with a team (players U-20 and below), or on the team bench must have a passcard and complete the background check every two years. A coach needs only one passcard to coach any team within the club.