U17 Boys
Flight A
   BWSA Dragons
   CRNFRD US Parma Forza
   FCPREMR Centurions
   PRSPP Revolution
   ROXBRY Renegades
   SSC Sharks
   TSF Storm
Flight B
   EBRN Lightning
   HSC Centennial Strikers
   JrsyKNIGHTS Lancers
   MANA Rough Riders
   MFAFC U-17 Boys
   PDA Socrates
Flight C
   Medford Strikers SC FC-89
   PITTSGRV Pittsgrove FC Thunder
   PRINCTN Union 89
   PSC Coppa
   SJBARONS Barons U17
   UGH Red Army
   VOOR Voorhees Hurricanes
Flight D
   HAMYMCA United
   HOLM Rough Riders
   LHAM Lawrence Union
   PENINSLA Vision Eagles
   PRINCTN Arsenal
   TBAA Hurricanes
   UGH Alemania
Flight E
   ELIZ Metros
   Kinnelon Soccer Club Ajax
   MORRIS UTD Wizards
   NJRANGERS Rampage
   PISC Cobras
   PRSPP Parsippany Tigers
Flight F
   BOM Force
   CHFC Demons
   Medford Strikers SC Terror
   WTRFD wings
   West END panthers
Flight G
   BRKLYNIT bklynitalianu17
   Jersey FC Devils
   LEHIG Dominators
   MIDLPATH Red Devils
   Metuchen Soccer Club Dogs 90's
   Pasco Stallions
   Ukrainian National FC Premier
   WYMC Wildcats

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  U17 Boys   June 2007  
  Sat, June 2, 2007  
17165   1:00 pm ROXBRY Renegades 0:3 FCPREMR Centurions
17028   3:30 pm SSC Sharks 3:3 EBRN Lightning
17167     HSC Centennial Strikers 3:6 PDA Socrates
17170     VOOR Voorhees Hurricanes vs PITTSGRV Pittsgrove FC Thunder
17174     SPORTSFRNDS River Rats 3:1 Kinnelon Soccer Club Ajax
17217     West END panthers vs Metuchen Soccer Club Dogs 90's
  Sun, June 3, 2007  
17021   10:30 am PRINCTN Arsenal 2:1 UGH Alemania
17102   5:00 pm PISC Cobras 4:2 Kinnelon Soccer Club Ajax
17182     PENINSLA Vision Eagles 1:3 TBAA Hurricanes Cherry Hill SC Beck School Cropwell Rd Cherry Hill NJ
17183     PENINSLA Vision Eagles 1:0 HOLM Rough Riders Cherry Hill SC Beck School Cropwell Rd Cherry Hill NJ
17147   PRSPP Parsippany Tigers 0:3 MORRIS UTD Wizards Parsippany Smith Field
17179     VOOR Voorhees Hurricanes 2:1 UGH Red Army
17185     ACDIABLOS AC Diablos 5:1 WTRFD wings
17206   PRINCTN Union 89 2:3 TSF Storm
  Mon, June 4, 2007  
17060   6:30 pm SSC Sharks 1:0 FT IRBD CRUSADERS
  Sat, June 9, 2007  
17152   10:30 am PRINCTN Union 89 4:4 SJBARONS Barons U17
17026   5:30 pm Jersey FC Devils 5:2 PRSPP Parsippany Tigers
17193     MANA Rough Riders vs EBRN Lightning
17199     HAMYMCA United vs PENINSLA Vision Eagles
17201     UGH Alemania vs PENINSLA Vision Eagles
17204     BRCK WOLFPACK vs Medford Strikers SC Terror
  Sun, June 10, 2007  
17208   10:00 am MANA Rough Riders 3:1 MFAFC U-17 Boys
17203   11:00 am MORRIS UTD Wizards 2:3 NJRANGERS Rampage
17171   1:00 pm Medford Strikers SC FC-89 3:3 UGH Red Army
17076   3:00 pm SSC Sharks 1:2 FCPREMR Centurions
17192   JrsyKNIGHTS Lancers 2:1 HSC Centennial Strikers
17202   UGH Alemania 0:2 HAMYMCA United
17209     PITTSGRV Pittsgrove FC Thunder 5:1 PRINCTN Union 89
17210     PRINCTN Arsenal 1:3 TBAA Hurricanes
  Tue, June 12, 2007  
17126   6:30 pm MFAFC U-17 Boys 3:0 HSC Centennial Strikers
17039   PITTSGRV Pittsgrove FC Thunder vs PSC Coppa
  Sat, June 16, 2007  
17173   ELIZ Metros 3:1 MORRIS UTD Wizards
  Sun, June 17, 2007  
17068   1:00 pm PRINCTN Arsenal 1:0 FT HOLM Rough Riders
  Thu, June 21, 2007  
17031   PITTSGRV Pittsgrove FC Thunder 4:1 SJBARONS Barons U17
  Sat, June 23, 2007  
17016   JrsyKNIGHTS Lancers 2:6 MFAFC U-17 Boys

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