Referee Quick Notes - MSSL - CJYSA or USCL Game Procedures 2012-13
by Bob Mykulak, MSSL League Assignor
 No Pass, No Play, No Exceptions. Coaches must also have passes.
All passes must be computer generated. No hand written passes accepted.
Referees are assigned only by designated USSF registered assignors.
The game is played according to the FIFA Laws of the Game with slight modification for youth rules such as unlimited free substitutions done only on referee’s discretion.
Unlimited free substitutions can be done on any stoppage including fouls, corner kicks, injuries, etc.
Players that do not arrive by the second half will not play and have their names crossed off the roster.
Shin guards, socks, jersey and shorts are mandatory. Jewelry is not allowed to be worn by the players.
Referee may allow padded rigid casts in the game but the final decision is made by the referee.
Teams and spectators are on opposite sides of the field, as per League requirements.
Both teams must have USYSA (NJYS, EPYSA, DYSA) passes, to be used exclusively for in-Flight games under CJYSA, required for State Cup qualification.
Referees will check and verify Game Card roster with player’s pass number, name and shirt number as well as the coaches passes for each team. No more than 18 players and 3 coaches are allowed on the touch line with the team. (Please note, the Got Soccer system, as of SPRING 2013, carries over US Club pass numbers to teams who also hold NJYS pass numbers or a NJYS out of state roster, if teams follow procedure given to them in email. However, some teams are slow in following the instructions to carry over the US Club roster to the game card. Teams may still present a copy of their US Club Official roster and attach to the game card to assist in player identification).
The home team is allowed a 15 minute grace period and the visiting team a 30 minute grace period.
All games, ages U11 thru U19, must use a three person system, if available. Club linesmen will be used if there is only one referee. If 2 referees show up, NEVER use the 2 man high school system (dual system). In this case, do the 3 person crew with 1 club linesman.
Home Teams must present the Referee with Game Cards which are generated from the team page on our League website (www.cjysa.org) and which should include the team roster with pass numbers. If one or both rosters are missing, the teams may supply a copy of their US Club or USYSA roster to be attached to the game report for the referee’s review-but should be advised that the roster should be input onto their team page as the accepted method.
All game reports must be entered by the REFEREE into the league scheduling system in Got Soccer by logging into the Got Soccer system and going to their game schedule page where they have been assigned or by the game number.  
Links are provided with instructions for reporting the scores.
Referees should hold onto the game reports for their own records. While the report is agreed upon by the signature of both coaches to be the official match report, typographical errors may result. Holding onto the game report will provide the referee with the document to check should there be a question. Teams have 2 weeks to notify the league of any errors in the reported match report. Bob Mykulak will contact the referee if there is a question.
In CJYSA and USCL league play, Player passes, cautions and sent off players, will be RETURNED to the team by the referee after the indicative information for each player is written. League cautions and send-offs only apply to CJYSA/USCL games and do not carry over to other leagues, tournaments or state cup matches. Because passes get lost in the mail or take over a week to circulate back to the teams, the league does not wish to penalize players in other events which our discipline would not apply.
EXCEPTION: Assault – passes shall not be returned to players or coaches where there has been a reported referee assault. PASSES shall be held by the referee and sent to the address below. This matter is referred by the league to NJYS and US Club for disciplinary action.
Later, the referee shall record all cautions and send-offs on the league website when reporting scores, with fouls listed next to the player/coach as reported on the handwritten game report.
The written report of SENT OFF players shall be completed on a USSF report and mailed within 24 HOURS to:
Box 321
Three Bridges, NJ 08887
The league will verify that the game official has properly recorded the offense on the website as required.
Game durations and the MAPS/MSSL/EDP referee fees will be the following for each Division listed below. If the duration, length of game, is longer within the Division, the duration will be the overriding factor.
Also, if the referee fee in the area is higher than on the game card or duration, the higher fee is paid. Each team pays one half of the referee fee. There is no overtime for League play.
Div 1 = U17-U19, 90 minutes, size 5 ball (Fee is $80 for center and $45 for ARs)
Div 2 = U15-U16, 80 minutes, size 5 ball (Fee is $70 for center and $40 for ARs)
Div 3 = U13-U14, 70 minutes, size 5 ball (Fee is $70 for center and $35 for ARs)
Div 4 = U11-U12, 60 minutes, size 4 ball (Fee is $60 for center and $30 for ARs)
Div 5 = U9-U10, 50 minutes, size 4 ball (Fee is $50 for center and $25 for ARs)
Div 6 = U8-U7, 50 minutes, size 4 ball (Fee is $50 for center and $25 for ARs)
US Club passes are permitted for USCL games which are cross over matches between flights (the responsibility is on the coaches, not the referee to monitor this distinction), played under USCL league (We permit the use of US Club passes in certain games to allow teams the roster flexibility it provides).
Teams cannot mix its passes; this means both teams must present the same governing body passes – either USYSA or US Club – for a match. This applies to all players and coaches of a given team. One team cannot present US Club and the other USYSA. This applies to both CJYSA and USCL matches. Teams are expected to shake hands at the end of the game with the referee observing the teams.
If you have any questions, please contact Bob Mykulak at 732-207-4576 or email at bobmykulak@yahoo.com