Preliminary Schedules - Fall 2010
U9-U14 Teams - Boys and Girls

The proposed scheduling grids are now available. These do not represent final schedules. They are only preliminary schedules. There may be changes before the final schedules are posted, due to errors, oversights and general changes. Be sure to read any notes at the bottom of the grid (if there are any) for clarification.

Scheduling grids can be accessed via www.cjysa.org , click Schedules and Scores from the left site menu, and then on the new page, Scheduling grids is on the left site menu, last item. Follow the instructions for your age group. Options shown then include scheduling grids for your age group.
For new teams, and possibly as a reminder to others, the steps to follow are:
  1. Locate your team in the left hand column.
  2. Scroll across to ascertain which teams you are scheduled against.
  3. An entry such as c4 indicates that the row team would play away at team “c4”, while “d6h” would indicate that the row team would be hosting team “d4”. Again, an “h” indicates that the row team is home for that game. If you see an entry such as “c4”,”d5” within one cell then you would play 2 games that day. To determine where the games are to be played, look throughout that column to see which team has an entry such as “e4”, “f2h”. The “h” indicated that the row team is hosting 3 other teams for doubleheaders that day.
  4. Teams indicated in a different color in column A are non-qualifying teams.
  5. A date shown within the grid means the team blocked that date from being available to play. If there is a change in the block date, do not go into your application to change, as it will not be picked up. Email Bill@mssl.org to make the change. 
  6. With availability permitting, all teams were given the number of games requested, within one.
  7. NJ qualifying teams will have the first 2 Saturdays of NJYSA state cup blocked. Should they lose the first week, arrangements can be made to add a game on the second Saturday (Oct 2nd).
Let me know of your concerns. You will have 48 hours until I transform the grid into a list of games for submission for website posting.
A possible concern might be an abundance of away games. Ignore site games, in which 3 of the 4 teams are away, and see if your home and away games are nearly equal. A home/away ratio of 2:4 is not unreasonable and required in some instances. A 3:7 ratio would be a concern. Travel distances were considered. If your team’s travel is unreasonable, let me know and I’ll re-examine as to whether there are options.
Send any requests for tweaking to
As always, be sure to state your team’s name and age group in the subject field
Proposed changes will be accepted until midnight on Thursday, August 26.